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Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky Online

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Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky Game Review

Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky by Switch Studios is a popular but simple card game and is a modern version of blackjack with multiple hands and secured cards. After the release of the original game Premier Blackjack, the 2021 version has got the exclusive additional Lucky Lucky bet. The game has a visually appealing interface that is easy to navigate. The graphics of the table game are smooth, and the game also features a narrator announcing betting options and card values.

This exciting table game uses the traditional elements of Blackjack but also adds many other features. A fixed set of rules and basic strategies can be applied in almost any situation. The key features include extra betting, doubling up, hand splitting, left hand, and turbo modes.

  • easy to understand
  • increased payout potential
  • more strategic options
  • risk of losing more money
  • limited availability
  • higher house edge

How to Play Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky?

Each card in the Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky online has its value, increasing the hand’s value. Numbered cards are worth their printed value, and face cards are worth 10. Four aces usually bring 11 each but can also be worth 1 point if points exceed 21.

The best-starting hand includes an ace and a card valued at 10. It brings 21 points and is called a blackjack. This bet wins for any writing except its blackjack. Once the dealer has A or 10 open, he will check whether there is a blackjack and see if the hand should end immediately. If the opened card is A, he will offer insurance to the players’ hands. This bet is 50% of the chance on the hand. If the dealer happens to have blackjack, the payout is 2-1.

The rules of the card game suggest that each player receives two cards. The dealer’s second card is face down, and he takes the insurance bet. The other betting options include strikes, standing, and the opportunity to split and double. Let’s look at the basic rules of Premier Blackjack:

  • A specific deck count is used: eight of 52 cards.
  • The dealer seems for cards with denominations of 10 and A.
  • The dealer stands on all 17s.
  • Players are allowed to double up on any two cards, including splits.
  • Split Aces and 10s are taken as 21 but not blackjack.
  • Cards with a face value of 10 can be split.

The player’s goal is to outplay the dealer by collecting a hand closer to 21 points than the dealer’s without exceeding that figure.

This version offers the possibility of playing up to three hands simultaneously. You can place an extra bet on any hand you play. The action can end in two ways. If you stop at any amount, the further process will go to the next player. The second option is a set of 22 or more points, which results in a losing hand. 

After the players’ hands have been checked, it is the dealer’s turn. First, the dealer reveals his secured card. Then a needle is played based on a straightforward set of rules. If the dealer has 16 or less, he always wins; if he has 17 or more, they always stay in.

If the dealer leaves, all players’ remaining hands win. If the dealer stays, players who have more points than the dealer win, and those with fewer points lose. All player winnings bring equal money, except for blackjack, which brings payouts with odds of 3-2.

Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky: a Nice Bonus

Lucky Lucky side bets are available for each hand. Unlike the main action, no skills are required here: the result of each bet is determined entirely by the combination of two cards and the dealer’s open card. Specific betting options are sure to bring success in the money Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky:

  • Same suit 7-7-7: three cards with the number 7 of the same suit.
  • Same suit 6-7-8: three cards with numbers 6,7, and 8 of the same case.
  • Off suit 7-7-7: three numbered cards of a mixed suit of 7.
  • Off suit 6-7-8: three cards with numbers 6,7,8 of different topics.
  • Total 21: three cards of the same issue with 21 points.
  • Total off suit 21: three cards of other suits with a total of 21 points.
  • Total 20: Any three cards totaling 20.
  • Whole 19: Any three cards totaling 19.

If the extra bet does not land, the player loses the extra bet and keeps the original bet. Each combination of three cards is paid differently according to the paytable.

RTP and Compatibility

Premier Blackjack Lucky Lucky has an incredible payout rate of 99.57%. However, the bonus bet reduces the player’s advantage to 96.06%. The Premier Blackjack Lucky Lucky RTP remains the same for an insurance bet with a payout of 2: 1 if the dealer has 21. In addition, his hit rate is phenomenal at 52.35%. The maximum jackpot won on special bets is 24,125 coins, one of the highest blackjack jackpots ever. We recommend a beginner read the Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky review to learn how to play.

The betting range in Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky varies from $1 to $200. However, the bet limit for the Lucky Lucky side bet is $25. The insurance bet is worth 50% of the betting size. Blackjack is paid as usual at 3:2, and the Lucky Lucky feature brings a payout at a 200:1 ratio. 

Premier Blackjack is available for all platforms and is fully optimized for Android, Apple, and Windows devices. Players are offered a free demo play that enables them to get acquainted with the game, understand its essence, and get an experience.

Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky Verdict

I had a great time playing Premier Blackjack with Lucky Lucky. The optional side bet kept things interesting and added a potential for big payouts. The game's graphics were top-notch, and the gameplay was smooth and immersive. Overall, it was a fantastic gaming experience that I would highly recommend.
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