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Sin Cities: The World’s Wildest Party Destinations Ranked

Article by : SlotsUp Team Mar 8, 2021

It’s safe to say we cannot wait until the big day where we can finally walk down the aisle. Being given our seat number, told to fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take-off – the excitement is almost tangible.

Which aisle did you think we meant?!

Remember that getaway you were dreaming about with friends, back when Tiger King and Selling Sunset were mere pitches in Netflix’s inbox, and you hadn’t debated starting an OnlyFans account to keep yourself entertained during furlough? Well the time has come for your dreams to be heard as travel becomes an increasingly likely prospect.

What makes for a great wild weekend away? From your nightclubs and strip clubs, to your range of hotel and food options – all of these are essential in choreographing the ultimate party trip to celebrate the end of this lockdown. 

The team at SlotsUp have ranked the world’s wildest cities, based on the things that make them the perfect place to plan a party.

Whether you are looking for a European stag/hen/bachelor/bachelorette do destination, or a wild gambling weekend with friends, this guide has you covered. See the rankings below for overall wildest cities, best cities for wild per square mile, and best cities for wild per capita (aka more wild to go around per person).

Europe’s Wildest Party Cities Ranked

We’ve analysed 12 of Europe’s most popular party cities to see which has the most going on. Our study found that London is the wildest city in Europe, with its abundance of amenities providing an almost excessive amount of fun to be had. Luckily for UK residents
(especially those who may have forgotten to renew their passports), you don’t even have to leave the country to have the ultimate party weekend.  

Though not as high as London, Paris (2nd) scored particularly highly on their choice of cuisine, strip clubs and shows, and Prague (3rd) scored highly across the board for its amenities, considering the city is much smaller than the prior two. 

Barcelona came 5th overall but our study found it is the No1 party destination in Europe for outdoorsy types who want to experience a wild time in the great outdoors.

Europe's Wildest Party Cities

Europe’s Party Cities: Wild Per Square Mile

Here we have taken the 12 European party cities and ranked them based on how much wild they provide per square mile. Though London may have ranked highly overall, it drops to ninth place here with the city being so large and the amenities spread out. When ranked per square mile:

  1. Paris comes top here, with the city having the most condensed amount of amenities, packing a ‘wild’ punch per square mile 
  2. Barcelona climbs up the ranks here scoring 2nd place for wild per square mile, meaning Spain features twice within the top three in this category
  3. Benidorm comes 3rd. It may not have scored highly in the overall ranking, but Benidorm is much smaller than London. Their fun-time amenities are just condensed into smaller parameters, which some partiers may prefer. Less to spend on taxis!

Europe's Party Cities: Wild Per Square Mile

Europe’s Party Cities: Wild Per Capita

Don’t like long waiting queues or crowds of people? Then these are the cities in Europe with the most ‘wild’ on offer per person. You could probably have a wild time in these top cities whilst still socially distancing. 

Benidorm ranks 1st here with a relatively small population of under 68,000. Lisbon comes 2nd, scoring especially highly for its range of fun outdoor activities, and Prague 3rd – an impressive rank for a city with a population over 1.3m residents.

Europe's Party Cities: Wild Per Capita

Top Casino-Centric Cities in the World

We know some people like to go away for a fun-filled casino weekend. Whilst most of this time may be spent at that roulette table, we wanted to let you know what else these casino-centric cities have to offer. We analysed some of the top 10 casino-centric cities worldwide to find out how much ‘wild’ they provide for those looking for an exciting weekend away.

Though Las Vegas (2nd) has 168 casinos, London beats the renowned casino town to the top spot with its vast resources, allowing for the most fun-filled weekend away. Paris comes 3rd here – the city may only have five casinos, but it has such a huge abundance of activities, you can rest assured you will never run out of things to do.

Wildest Casino Centric Party Cities In The World

Wildest Casino-Centric Cities in the World Per Square Mile

Though small in size, Monaco packs enough wild amenities into it to come 1st place in our ‘wild per square’ mile ranking. The principality has four casinos, and enough amenities per square mile, for you to find some form of entertainment around every corner. Paris comes 2nd here, ahead of the sin-city itself, Las Vegas, which comes 3rd in this ranking. London and Sydney drop considerably here due to the sheer size of the cities.

Casino Centric Cities Worldwide: Wild Per Square Mile

Wildest Casino-Centric Cities in the World Per Capita

Lastly, we analysed our casino-centric cities per capita. These cities may be fun, but what is the biggest casino buzzkill? No room at the tables. 

Atlantic City scored highest on this ranking with approximately 38,000 residents; there will always be spaces at the roulette tables here. Aruba comes 2nd with its small island population and Las Vegas 3rd. The city may be full of tourists but with its small number of residents and enormous casino hotels, there is more than enough room for everyone to enjoy this sin city.

Casino Centric Cities: Wild Per Capita

Whatever floats your party boat – these cities have something on offer for everyone. Now you just have to decide what activities tick your ideal wild weekend boxes. 

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We took two seed lists: 12 of Europe’s most well-known party cities and 10 of the worlds most well-renowned casino-centric cities, and ranked them based on a variety of different factors to figure out which city offers the most amenities for a ‘wild time’ – overall, per square mile and capita.

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