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    High Limit Slots

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    This page is devoted to the high limit slots — the games played by the bravest gamblers. Here you’ll get all the important information about the high roller slots, including the definition, the main rules and the fun facts about the high limit slot winners. You will also find the list of all the best high roller slots and the casinos where you can play them for real money and, what’s more important, we will give you the chance to play the free high roller slots and spend thousands of virtual dollars. On SlotsUp, you can play a 1000 dollar slot machine without spending a single penny. So keep reading if you want to know how all that large jackpots were won and which games are played by the Hollywood stars in the secret Vegas casinos.

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    What are the “High limit slots”?

    The high roller meaning is not hard to plumb. High roller or high limit slot machines are the offline or online slots that allow the large bets only. While most of the gamblers are playing slot games with small or average bets like 1-2 cents per spin, the high rollers can play on a $100 slot machine. High rollers are the players that can spend dozens of thousands in the casino within a month and the most adventurous (and the richest) of them are called “whales”. Whales are the high rollers that can play slot machines with the highest stakes, up to a couple of thousands per one spin and easily leave millions in the casino. Whales are the most welcome guests in both offline and online casinos. They are getting all the possible perks and additional services as one high limit slots player can make the 80% of the Vegas casino profit.

    So what are the reasons for playing high roller slot machines? First of all, these slots have the higher payout. That’s obvious — when you make a higher bet, you win more money, the luck permits. The high limit slots odds are usually higher than those of regular slot machines as the casino owners are trying to make the best use of small bet slots that are played more frequently and that’s why increase the house edge for them. As slots with high limit are played not so often but are very lucrative for the casino, their RTP is higher and the high limit slot wins can happen relatively more often. Another reason for playing high limit slots is that they can bring you the most of the excitement and real gambling spirit. Playing a penny-slot is easy and after a certain period of time just stops being exciting. When you are playing on the 500 dollar slot machine, each spin strikes a chord in your soul, the time stops and there are only two of you — the gambler and the high limit slot. The problem is, one of you will lose the game but who cares when the reels are spinning?

    The last advantage of playing with high limits is that the VIP casino clients usually get the best casino offers, are granted the access to the unique games, and get the best drinks if we are talking about the land-based casino.

    Best high limit slot machines

    Here you can see the list of the slots with the highest limits. Just imagine, there is the high stakes slot with $22000 per spin! It will take like 15 minutes for the experienced gambler to spend a million in this slot. Of course, not everyone can play the games with the bets like this and not everyone has to. Most of the gamblers are playing casino games just to get some fun but still secretly dream about becoming one of the high limit slots winners and get to the tabloid covers.

    But the large stakes begin from the smaller ones so don’t give up. The important thing is, you should never play the high roller slot if it is beyond your financial ability. Never spend more than you were ready to spend when you came to play, even if you happened to be in one of the high roller casinos where everyone is making large bets. Play with the stakes you are comfortable with and don’t chase the dream of becoming a casino high roller. We all came here to have fun, right?

    If you sealed to play with high stakes, the best thing to do is to try the free high limit slots from our list. Of course, they will not bring you the real wins but you will get more comfortable with the game, get all the rules and will be feeling more prepared when the time comes to make your first high real money bet. The free no limit slots are also a great way to run away from the real life for a little bit and imagine yourself being a billionaire who plays high rollers online game with the maximum bets and wins millions within seconds.

    High limit slot machine strategies

    Even though video slots are completely random casino games, the gamblers are often trying to find the best gaming strategy and it becomes even more important with the high roller slots. Obviously, there are no universal strategies that will help you win any spin but there are some points that you can consider to increase your winning chances.

    First of all, you should know the game you are playing very well and there should be no surprises for you when you make a bet. So, first of all, choose the game you would like to play and play it for free. Read the rules, understand all the features and bonuses, remember the slot RTP (it can always be found in a game info). You should always know what to expect from the game. To get a complete understanding, you can also watch the high limit slots streams on YouTube, for example. Even if you are not going to bet a few thousands of dollars in casino slots, these things are just very fun to watch and can make a great background for your morning coffee. And, of course, you can get some practice by playing the free slots from our collection. The games are completely identical to the ones you would meet in the casino but the difference is that you don’t need to bet $100 to make a spin. We are updating the list with all the newest releases but you can also try playing the high limit slots released in 2015 or the best high limit slots that were popular in 2016.

    Secondly, look for the stories of the jackpot winners. Check their success stories and try to analyze which slot machines they were playing, whether they played with high or low bets. Some of them are trying to take their wins anonymously but there are still enough winners who are glad to share their stories in interviews and Youtube videos. Just for your information: the largest jackpot that was ever won in slots amounts to $39,710,826.36! It was won in March 2003 in the Excalibur casino and no one has managed to beat this record since then. Who knows, maybe you can become the one who can do it?

    And, finally, our last advice that is probably the most important one out of the three. Find the good and reliable casino that has a good record of payouts and best reviews from the experts and gamblers community. It would be awesome if someone has already won big in the casino and this information is open to the public. You can also look for the casino where high limit slots players are given the VIP status as in this case you will get the best games, the best offers and your money will be paid out in the first place.

    If you are ready to play high limit slots and are looking for the best casino for online slot machines, we will be glad to present you the best variants that have been carefully checked by the SlotsUp team. Whether you will bet a lot or just play the penny slots, you and your money will be safe and secured by the best casino licenses. By the way, it is often said that online casinos have the higher RTP when it comes to the no limit slots than the land-based do. So it looks like now there is no need to go to Vegas if you want to win a million — just sit back, choose the game and the casino from our list and make your first step towards the high roller slots and big wins!

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