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    Kenneth Must Die Online Slot

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    Reels 5
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    Kenneth Must Die Nolimit City 3

    Kenneth Must Die Slot Game Review

    Kenneth Must Die is an intriguing slot game from Nolimit City, one of the leading slot developers today. The game is still quite new – just launched in May 2024. This slot is set on a backdrop of Kenneth’s McMansion so you get a glimpse of the entire family.

    Despite the slot’s name, the game is quite exciting to play.There’s never a dull moment from the moment you spin the reels. The slot has a unique reel layout with its 5 reels and 2-4-4-4-2 rows grid with 480 paylines. In my review, I will show you everything you need to know about this slot machine. I also suggest you play this demo slot on this page to get a feel for the gaming experience.

    • This Nolimit City game has many bonus features
    • The maximum win is high and you can choose your preferred option
    • It has a unique gameplay and very interesting mechanics
    • It is quite complex and not really for newbies
    • The game has too many features that can be confusing
    • The volatility is high which makes it difficult to get a big payout

    Gameplay and Mechanics of Kenneth Must Die

    Kenneth Must Die Paytable

    The game is quite straightforward, so players of any skill level can play it. You only need to land 3 or more matches on the reels to win. Your winnings will count starting from the leftmost part of the reels. Kenneth Must Die has many paying symbols and you will find the value of each of them on the paytable. There are the lower-paying symbols consisting of five different objects. If you get 5 of the same symbol, you can get about 0.2 to 0.4 times your bet. The character symbols pay higher and five of them will get you around 0.5 to 2.5 times your stake.

    Unique Features of Kenneth Must Die Slot

    These are the special features I found in this slots machine online:

    • Max Win Choice: Nolimit City has a new feature that allows you to set your maximum win limit. For this Kenneth Must Die slot, you can either choose the 69,000x or 10,000x option. However, if you choose the 10,000x option, it has a higher chance of giving you the other bonuses like xHole, Nudge, and xWays features.
    • Big Balls Multiplier: One thing you should know is that the bottom row is different from the others. Its symbols come from right and the first one has 1x, while the second has 2x, and so on. The multiplier will determine how the symbols appear so your chances of winning increases. If you get winnings from the bottom row then you will trigger the avalanche feature.
    • Kinky Hookup: There’s this kinky feature which becomes active when Kenneth and his wife land anywhere on the reels. When this happens any symbol that appears close and in-between them will become wild.
    • Gimp and Gimpier Transformation: If you get two Gimp symbols, it can become a Kinky Kenneth or wife symbol. It can also transform to a Kenneth or wife, or xWays, xNudge, or wild. On the other hand, the Gimpier symbol only lands on the rightmost reel. It also can become a wild or the Kinky version of Kenneth or his wife.
    • XWays, XNudge, and XHole: The XWays will only appear on the bottom row and can transform to any regular symbol. XNudge will nudge up until it gets to the very top and it will give you a 1x multiplier each time it moves. XHole on the other hand will remain at the center and it sucks in the symbols on the reels. It will then spit them out in random positions. It can transform to a wild before all special symbols and to the kinky version of Kenneth and his wife.
    • Bonus Bets: You can also get Nolimit boosters at a cost. It can give you the XNudge, XHole, Gimp, XWays, and XHole feature. You can pay as little as 1.7x your stake to up to 588x, depending on the feature you want.
    • Beefy, Beefier, and Beefiest Free Spins: If you’re lucky to land 3 Gimps, you will get this bonus. The Beefy bonus will give you 8 free spins and it comes with sticky wilds and multipliers do not reset between spins. Also, when you land a Gimpier, it will transform the bonus into Beefier spins. So you will get an additional spin. Then if the Gimpier shows up in an avalanche and there is an xHole, it will give you 2 more spins which is the Beefiest bonus.
    • Bonus Buy: The bonus buy can get the Beefy, Beefier, and Beefiest spins for 65x, 240x, and 6,969x your stake. It can also get you other added bonuses like the Beefiest spin with XNudge, and even a lucky draw with 69%, 30%, and 1% chances.

    Uncover the Hidden Win Potential of Kenneth Must Die Slot

    Kenneth Must Die has a 5 reels and 2-4-4-4-2 setup. The game can be played by anyone and you can try out the demo version right here before risking real money. You can stake as little as $0.20 in this game and if you have a bigger budget, the maximum you can bet is $100.

    When I tested this game, I noticed that it has a standard RTP of 96.04% which is quite fair, and this means that you have a good chance of getting wins. However, when playing with real money, the RTP varies between 87% to 96.04% depending on which casino is offering it. This slot has a hit frequency of 26.01 which means you can get at least 1 win in every 4 spins.

    Just like the RTP, the maximum win varies. You can either win 10,000 times or 69,000 times your stake. You can choose your max win since Nolimit offers a cap option.

    How to Play Kenneth Must Die Slot Machine

    When you launch this Nolimit City game, you will have access to all of the features. You only need to set your wager and start spinning the reels. The Kenneth Must Die slot has an autoplay feature, and you can adjust your wager to fit your budget. The goal of the game is to land matching symbols on its active 480 paylines. If you can get 3 or more matches, you will receive a payout.

    My First 100 Spins in Demo Mode

    Kenneth Must Die

    I played this slot game with the $1,000 free cash to understand how it works. I had a great time playing the demo game. After I launched it I set my wager at $1 per spin. My first payout was on my first spin surprisingly. I noticed that I was getting a mix of big and small payouts. The big wins were coming in more frequently and the highest I received was $58.35. By the time I had exhausted my 100 free spins, I was left with $1,005.85.

    FAQ Section

    What is the RTP of “Kenneth Must Die”?

    The RTP for “Kenneth Must Die” varies, depending on the game version you choose to play. Options range from 96.04% to 94.09% and 92.05%

    How do I activate the bonus features in “Kenneth Must Die”?

    Bonus features in “Kenneth Must Die” are typically activated by landing specific symbols like the Gimpier or Kinky Hookup symbols on the reels, which can trigger transformations and additional spins

    What is the maximum win for “Kenneth Must Die”?

    In the high-volatility setting, the maximum win in “Kenneth Must Die” can reach up to 69,000 times the base bet

    Are there any specific strategies or tips for playing “Kenneth Must Die”?

    Due to its high volatility, managing your bankroll carefully and preparing for a potentially long stretch between significant wins is advisable. Engaging strategically with the game’s features, such as the xBet® and Nolimit Booster™, can also enhance your winning potential

    What are the minimum and maximum bet amounts for “Kenneth Must Die”?

    The minimum bet amount is $0.20, and the maximum is $100 per spin

    Kenneth Must Die Screenshots

    Screenshot 0
    Kenneth Must Die Censored 1
    Screenshot 1
    Kenneth Must Die Censored 2
    Screenshot 2
    Kenneth Must Die Censored 3
    Screenshot 3
    Kenneth Must Die Censored 4

    Kenneth Must Die Verdict

    I would say that I like this game very much, at least from my experience. However, to be candid, there were many things I didn't like about it as well. For one I didn't like that it is a bit complex. Even though the game boasts of a lot of features, newbies may easily get confused. It will take a little bit of a learning curve to really understand how Kenneth Must Die Slot works. Apart from this, the volatility is quite high so the chances of winning big are slim. Players have a 1 in 40 million chance to get the 69,000x maximum win and a 1 in 782.9k times for the 10,000x option. So you can expect only very small wins for this game. Other than these, Kenneth Must Die is actually an entertaining slot game.
    icon Mar 15, 2022
    Payouts and RTP
    Game Mechanics
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    Theme & Graphics
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    Kenneth Must Die RTP - The Return to Player for this Slot is 96%

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