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American Express casinos are hands down one of the most reliable and top-rated online casinos in the world. It’s no wonder as American Express (or AMEX) is the internationally acclaimed financial corporation with its credit card being one of the most frequently used payment methods in the world, both for online gambling payments and other transactions. When you see an online casino where you can make a deposit using this online payment method, you can be sure it’s safe and approved as American Express is only accepted on the best betting websites.

American Express corporation was founded in 1850 and today, almost 24% of all the credit cards used in the USA are issued by the company. For your convenience, American Express offers different types of cards with some of them being accepted as a payment method for online gambling games. Among the AMEX cards, there are several kinds of personal cards, small business cards, corporate cards, and serve cards. You’d more likely want to use a personal card on sites that accept American Express as online payment method and we in our turn will tell you how to do it in the most convenient way and how to get the most from your real money online gambling.

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about the American Express payment method such as the list of the best online gambling websites, the mobile casinos where AMEX is accepted, the peculiarities of the online payment method use in different countries and the secret places where you can get the biggest bonus when you use the American Express card for online gambling deposits. Don’t miss the short FAQ and the guide to online gambling withdrawals and deposits if you want to get all the information quickly and easily.

Best Online Casinos that accept American Express

AMEX Casinos for Real Money

American Express is a popular payment method but there are a lot of other payment methods being quite popular too. So why would you choose the casinos that accept American Express to make your real money online bets? How do you make your online deposits and withdraw money from the American Express casinos if you were lucky enough to win?

We’ll try to find the answers to all these important questions in this section but there is one thing we need to say before we start exploring the online casinos that accept American Express as a payment method. And this thing is that despite the casinos that take American Express being reliable on their own, we make additional efforts to double-check them and make sure that every American Express online casino from the SlotsUp list has a valid license issued by one of the world’s online gambling licensing institutions, has enough games for you to choose from and offers at least the basic bonuses that can make your online gambling experience more entertaining and profitable. So the only thing you have to worry about is what exact website with AMEX payment method to choose on this page as there is so many of them that it can make you dizzy for a second.

How to Deposit at Amex Casinos?

Using this payment method to make an American Express casinos deposit is just as easy as using any other payment method and sometimes even easier. Just follow these simple steps towards the American Express casino winnings:

  1. Pick one of the casinos accepting American Express as a payment method from the SlotsUp list. We know it’s not the easiest choice as there are quite a lot of the American Express online casinos here so pay attention whether the website is available at your location, what’s the choice of games, what kind of bonuses it offers, is it mobile-friendly, and other points important for you personally. Not every American Express deposit casino may be perfect for you but all the websites accepting this payment method and present on this page are worth trying.
  2. Create an account in the online casino American Express or log in to the existing one if it’s not your first time playing online gambling games on this website.
  3. Go to the depositing section of the casino American Express and choose AMEX as a payment method.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit. American Express lets you make both small and larger deposits so it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a high roller, you can use this payment method on the online gambling websites.
  5. Enter your card details. Usually, you’d need to enter your card number, the expiration day, and the CVV number printed on the back side of your card. Don’t worry about the security issues here as you are playing on a reliable website using the reliable payment method.
  6. Double-check everything, approve the transaction and enjoy the real money online gambling in a few moments. The AMEX payment method usually don’t take long to be completed so now you’ll spend time playing, not wondering what casinos accept American Express and waiting for the money to hit the account.

How to Withdraw from Amex Casinos?

Predictably, making the American Express casino withdrawal is as easy as depositing with this payment method.

  1. First of all, choose the casino with American Express withdrawal option. It’s always better to check this information before you start playing and make your first deposit to make sure you can use the same payment method for the withdrawals, too. With American Express being a popular payment method and the SlotsUp list of the gambling websites being constantly updated, there won’t be any problems finding the one with the AMEX withdrawals.
  2. Go to your account, have a fun minute looking at the amount you’ve won and then choose the AMEX payment method to withdraw the money.
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and your American Express card details. Once again, the card number, expiration date, and CVV number are required.
  4. Wait until the transaction is made and the money appear on your AMEX account. The American Express withdrawal time depends on the website and your bank but usually it won’t take too long for the money to become available for use.

Advantages of Using Amex as a Deposit Method

As any other payment method, American Express has its own pros and cons, and the list of pros is definitely much longer. We’ll name a couple of advantages of using this payment method on American Express casino sites and the rest of them will be left for you to discover by yourself.

  • When you use the AMEX as payment method, your money and personal information are completely safe. The company use the most advanced technologies to protect its customers and we only enlist the top American Express casinos to make everything we can from our side to protect our readers.
  • The deposits made with this payment method are fast. No more long hours of waiting until your money come from your bank account to your online casino account — a couple of simple steps and you can play your favorite online gambling games almost instantly.
  • The choice of the online casinos accepting American Express for deposits lets you compare the websites and choose those meeting all the quality criteria and those you like the most.
  • Using this payment method, you can become a part of one of the American Express reward programs and earn bonus points while you make bets in one of many online gambling websites.

AMEX Casinos by Countries

The American Express payment method can be used in different countries around the globe. Here are the peculiarities of the AMEX use in different territories so that you can check whether this payment method is available in your country and what’s the best website to use it.

AMEX Casinos in the US

Things are always difficult when it comes to the US online casinos as not all the states allow online gambling, not all the websites accept players from the USA, and not all the players know whether they can play in the American Express casinos in the United States. The good news is that the USA casinos that accept AMEX as payment method do exist, even though there are not so many of them. The American Express USA online casino may be just as hard to find as the reliable Visa casino in the US but the SlotsUp team is doing its best to collect the American Express online casinos US on the relevant page.

AMEX Casinos in Canada

In Canada online casinos, there is a wide choice of depositing options and you can usually pick the payment method you like the most. It can be an Interac casino, an InstaDebit casino, and, obviously, an American Express Canada online casino. We are keeping an eye on the American Express online casinos Canada and add them to our list regularly so that players preferring this payment method can play in the Canadian casinos that accept AMEX whenever they want. Just check SlotsUp if you are in a search of the American Express casinos in Canada and we’ll get you covered.

AMEX Casinos in the UK

Online gambling is very popular all over the world and United Kingdom is not an exception. If you look for the online casino United Kingdom, you’ll find a lot of websites available with lots of various games and banking options. American express is one of the payment methods available and there are some American Express online casinos UK to choose from. The British casinos that accept AMEX are all of the high-quality and offer the exclusive bonuses to the American Express cardholders making the games in the American Express UK online casino even more lucrative. So if you are tired of your favorite Skrill casino online and want to try something new, take a look at our list of the American Express casinos in the United Kingdom.

AMEX Casinos in Australia

We are making the separate lists for every country where online gambling is available and there is also a list of the top online casinos Australia. On these websites, you can choose a preferable payment method whether you want to play in a Neosurf casino or in an American Express Australia online casino. The American Express casinos in Australia differ in the variety of games and the choice of bonuses but all the Aussie casinos that accept AMEX are properly licensed and will serve the online gamblers in the best way possible. So if you are in need for some good spins or a video poker game and want to use AMEX as a payment method, check the list of the American Express online casinos Australia we have on SlotsUp.

AMEX Casinos in Germany

There’s no shortage of players in the German online casinos as they are always full of online players making their real money bets. The websites let the German players choose the payment method on their taste so there is a Giropay casino, some Sofort casinos, and the German casinos that accept AMEX as a payment method too. If you are living in Germany or are visiting this beautiful country for holiday or business, you can take some time gambling in the American Express online casinos Germany and appreciate the high quality of the websites and the selection of games. the number of the American Express casinos in Germany is not too impressive yet but finding a good American Express Germany online casino is not an impossible task.

AMEX Casinos in France

France is not only famous for Paris and croissants but also for the people who love to have some good time playing online gambling games. It won’t take you long to find an online casino France regardless of whether it’s a MasterCard casino or an American Express France online casino. The choice of American Express casinos in France might be a little bit more tight but those wanting to use this payment method for online gambling will not go away disappointed. The French casinos that accept AMEX as payment method exist. Moreover, you can find some of the American Express online casinos France on this website.

AMEX Casinos in Sweden

The online casinos Sweden are very popular among the gamblers as online gambling is carefully regulated in the country meaning the websites are checked and approved. We’ve already told you how to find a Zimpler casino and the Nordea online casinos, now the time has come for the Swedish casinos that accept AMEX as a payment method. You won’t find dozens of the American Express casinos in Sweden on the market but playing in a good and reliable American Express Sweden online casino is still possible. We are collecting the best American Express online casinos Sweden in one place for your convenience and update the list as soon as anything new appears in this field.

AMEX Casinos in Netherlands

Playing in a Dutch online casino can be as fun as visiting Amsterdam for a summer holiday so we recommend not missing a chance to try an iDEAL casino or an American Express Netherlands online casino. The American Express casinos in Netherlands may be a little bit limited in quantity as it’s not the most popular payment method in the country but the persistent players will succeed in their quest for the Dutch casinos that accept AMEX. Don’t forget — online gambling in the American Express online casinos Netherlands is not only a great experience but also a way to get some big wins if you are ready for the real money bets.

AMEX Casinos in Mexico

Mexico has quite a strict laws when it comes to gambling but it doesn’t mean finding a good casino online Mexico. Local gamblers have the access to the American Express online casinos Mexico some of them being offshore and we are trying to make a good job collecting all of the American Express casinos in Mexico with this payment method at one place. To make the real money bets in the country, you can try the AstroPay casino or the American Express Mexico online casino. The Mexican casinos that accept AMEX offer all kind of online gambling games including video slots, roulettes, card games, etc.

AMEX Casinos in Argentina

We’ll end this list with Argentina — a beautiful country where you can not only get some tan on the beach but also get some wins in an Argentina online casino. As for the payment methods on the local gambling websites, you can choose among the DineroMail casino, American Express online casinos Argentina, and some other options. As always, you can find some of the Argentina casinos that accept AMEX as payment method on SlotsUp. All the American Express casinos in Argentina are checked by our expert team to meet all the quality standards so it doesn’t matter which exactly American Express Argentina online casino you choose — it’s gonna be a good one.

American Express Casino Types

The users of American Express payment method can try several kinds of the online gambling websites to choose the one they like the most or to ring some changes into their gambling routine. Now you can start playing in a regular online casino, then switch to the mobile one when you’re leaving the house, and then play some live-dealer games when you want something extraordinary. Now let’s look closer at each of the casino type with AMEX payment method.

Mobile Casinos that accept AMEX

Recently, mobile traffic has got ahead the desktop one showing that the mobile casino sites online are the future of online gambling. The mobile gambling apps are not the new thing on the market, they appeared some time ago and have won quite a lot of the gamblers’ hearts already. But today’s mobile casinos can’t be compared with the first ones as they are using the most state-of-the-art technologies and can give players the most high-quality experience even on smaller screens.

When playing gambling games on your mobile devices, it’s very important to have a convenient payment method that you can use with your smartphone or tablet only. And if you are in a search for the one, the AMEX casino mobile can come in handy.

In an American Express deposit mobile casino, you’ll find all kinds of games available in the full-scale online gambling websites without loss of quality. If you have a mobile phone or a tablet and the Internet connection, you can open the American Express mobile casino and play classic or video slots, table and card games, or whatever else you may like. Some of the mobile gambling games can be played for fun on SlotsUp too, but when you’re ready to make a mobile casino AMEX deposit, you’ll have the perfect payment method available.

The mobile casino with AMEX payment method will let you take the online gambling games with you together with the high-quality of graphics, sound, and gameplay. And with fast and easy American Express payment method, mobile gambling experience in a casino mobile AMEX will get as smooth as it can be. To find a good mobile casino American Express, check our list of mobile casinos by opening this page from your mobile device and we’ll show you the mobile casino accepting American Express available at your location.

Live Casinos that Accept AMEX

If mobile casinos are still not advanced enough for you and you want to try something completely new, the live casino online is the option you may want to check. How does it work? In a live casinos with American Express deposits or with any other payment method, you are playing with the live-dealers and the player from all over the world sitting around the virtual table and playing the same game that you are. You can see the dealers as the game is streamed from the studio but they can’t see you so you can get the brick-and-mortar casino experience in the comfort of your own home. For those who like to communicate during the gambling process, every online live casino American Express has a live chat when you can talk to other players or ask a dealer if you have any questions.

The quality of games in a live casino AMEX is impressive as the live games are created by the best online gambling games providers like Microgaming and the special equipment is used to get the best picture and sound you can get.

New Casinos that Accept AMEX

Even the most interesting online gambling games can turn into boring routine if you are playing them on the same website all the time and using the same payment method all the time. That’s why we recommend switching the website from time to time to get a chance to gain the new experience or try the new games that could be absent in your old online gambling website.

We are especially proud of our lists of the new casinos as we are always among the first to present the freshest websites to the public. As soon as the new casino American Express appears on the market, it gets carefully checked by our team. As soon as we make sure that everything is fine, it gets into the list of the new American Express online casinos so that you can use this payment method while trying the new things. If you want to be the first to try the new AMEX online casino, don’t forget to follow our updates as many great news are waiting for you ahead.

AMEX Casino Bonuses

The online gambling website may have the best gambling games in its collection, the widest choice of payment options, and the most friendly customer support ever but it will not gain the players’ attention unless it offers them the bonuses they crave for. Online casino bonuses are the small (or sometimes not-so-small) offers that can give you some free games or other goodies to increase your loyalty to the online casino. Usually, the online casinos can offer you the following perks:

  • Welcome bonus. This is the most frequently used online casino American Express bonus that you’ll meet on each and every online gambling website. With the welcome bonus, an online casino doubles (or triples) your first deposit meaning you are getting the free $100 on top of your $100 first deposit.

    Unfortunately, you’ll not be able to withdraw the money immediately as wagering requirements will be applied on the bonus money, but at least you can spend it to try more great online gambling games. Some very generous websites can give you the bonus money not only for your first deposit but also for the second and third one so always check this information before you choose the website with the AMEX payment option.

  • No deposit bonus. Rarely, the online casino can give you the money without requiring the prior deposit — for creating the account or to celebrate the special date. You won’t get a lot, usually $5 or $10, but you can spend this small amount to try the games before you decide whether to use the AMEX payment method to play them for real money. If you don’t want to wait for a no deposit bonus to come, you can always try the games for fun on SlotsUp.
  • The AMEX casino bonus. In some cases, online gambling websites can give you bonuses when you use a particular payment method to make your deposits. Thus, you can get some money when you pay with American Express payment method or with some other one, depending on the website.
  • Free spins. This is the favorite online casino bonus of all the slots-lovers as it can give you the chance to spin even the more reels. The free spins are usually awarded when the new game is released or to the VIP-customers — the high rollers or those playing a lot on the same website for a long time.

This is the list of the most popular bonuses but they are not limited to these 4 points. There is also a refer-a-friend bonus, the bonuses devoted to the special occasions, and some other great things the casinos can invent to attract you and earn your loyalty. Try the new websites to collect all the bonuses and don’t forget to visit SlotsUp to learn about the newest online casino offers.


Are AMEX Casinos Safe to Play?
American Express is worldwide-known payment option used all over the world and the online gambling websites where this payment option is used are all safe and reliable.
Do All Casinos Accept American Express?
No, the number of the online casinos that accept the AMEX payment option is quite limited for now but the more and more websites are adding it to their banking methods lists.
What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via AMEX?
The minimum amount you can deposit using this payment method is usually specified by the website you are playing in. You can always check this information in the website’s banking section.
What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via AMEX?
The maximum amount you can deposit with the AMEX is also stated by the casinos. If you are about to make a large deposit, please double-check the depositing info.
Are There Any Fees Charged?
Usually, no fees are charged when you use your AMEX card to make an online gambling deposit but it may depend on your bank and the casino itself.
Are American Express Deposits Instant?
Yes, in most cases, you’ll instantly get the money transferred to your online casino account.
Are AMEX Deposits Allowed in My Country?
Unfortunately, not all the countries allow using American Express as a payment method in online casino. If your country doesn’t support the AMEX payment method, please visit our page devoted to the Paysafecard casinos and other payment systems.
Can I Use American Express in Mobile Casinos?
Absolutely! Just like any other credit card, the AMEX payment method can be easily used to make the mobile casino deposits.

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