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If you can’t decide between an e-wallet and a prepaid card for your gambling payments, your perfect answer might be the Sticpay casino that combines both of these deposit methods. Offering a wide range of financial services, Sticpay perfectly fits every gambler both in Japan and internationally. But despite all of the advantages of Sticpay for betting purposes, it’s popularity is underrated and lots of players use less convenient options to play gambling games instead of going an easy way.

To solve this unpleasant piece of injustice, we’ve created this full guide to the Sticpay payment method where you can learn everything you need to know from the possible bonus offers to the list of the best sites that accept this payment service. Now, there is no more need to look for the best online casino site to play for real money by yourself as here you can find the perfect online casino within a couple of clicks regardless of what kind of website you are looking for — a mobile or a full-scale one. So just keep reading and get ready to improve your online gambling experience significantly.

Best Online Casinos that accept SticPay

SticPay Casinos for Real Money

There are quite a lot of Japanese yen online casinos on the market today and it might be difficult for players to decide which of them it’s best to choose. In our opinion, Sticpay casinos are absolutely great for those who prefer quick and easy deposits and withdrawals and those who don’t want to create a separate wallet for online gambling — SticPay can be used for other kinds of online payments too so you can make use of its all-purposeness. But not all the casinos that accept Sticpay are safe and reliable, unfortunately. With so many online gambling websites appearing every day, you can spend eternity sifting out ashes from cinders and still end up in a not-so-good Sticpay online casino. The best solution here is to rely this on experts and choose your gambling place from our list of the online casinos that accept Sticpay. The casinos that take Sticpay as a deposit method from the SlotsUp list have been all carefully selected and approved meaning every Sticpay online casino you run into on this page is absolutely secure and will only bring you the best online gambling impressions.

How to Deposit at Sticpay Casinos?

How to open SticPay account for Online Casino (in japanese)

Making a Sticpay casinos deposit is as easy as pinning the slots reel. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, create a Sticpay account and fund it in a preferred way — from your creditdebit card, bank account, etc.;
  • Then, pick a Sticpay casino from the SlotsUp list and create a new account if you don’t have one already.
  • Go to the Sticpay deposit casino banking page and choose Sticpay as a deposit option.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer to the online casino Sticpay.
  • Don’t forget that most of the casinos accepting Sticpay offer the welcome bonus — claim it if you want to double or even triple your first deposit.
  • Take a look at the game collection that the casino Sticpay has for you, pick one and start making bets — your winnings are waiting for you!

Always remember that playing in the reliable Sticpay online casinos is the only way to get the best online gambling experience and get out of any frauds or inconveniences.

How to Withdraw from Sticpay Casinos?

The best thing about this payment service is that Sticpay casino withdrawal is also possible and you don’t need a separate wallet to get your well-deserved winnings back. Just open your casino with Sticpay withdrawal account, choose the amount you want to claim, confirm the transaction and wait until it’s processed by a casino. The Sticpay withdrawal time depends on how quick the casino’s approval process is but in any case, you won’t have to wait for more than a few days.

Advantages of Using Sticpay as Deposit Methods

We can talk about the advantages of online casinos accepting Sticpay for deposits for ages but in fact, we can shorten them down to three main points:

  • Speed. Your deposits to the Sticpay casino sites will be transferred within several minutes at most.
  • Safety. No need to worry about your money and personal info — all he transactions are encrypted and secured.
  • Convenience. As soon as you have at least $110 on your Sticpay balance, you can apply for a plastic card and not only make the top Sticpay casinos deposits but also withdraw your money in the ATMs all over the world and use the card for any other payments.

Sticpay Casinos in Japan

There are many things to know when you are just starting your journey to the online gambling world and one of them is knowing the legal landscape of the country you are playing in. When it comes to Japan and Japanese online casino, things are unfortunately not as clear as we would like them to be. Basically, Japan Sticpay gambling in its full form is prohibited in the country — neither international nor local Japanese online casinos that accept Sticpay are allowed with the only exceptions made for state lottery and some sports betting options. And it’s not about the payment method — online casinos that take JCB or any other online gambling websites are not allowed as well. But even though Sticpay online casino Japan are not clearly on the white side, players interested in gambling can still make their bets safely as they won’t be prosecuted in any way — online gambling is not legal but it has nothing to do with gamblers who want to play their favorite games in a Sticpay or a Venus Point casino online.

What has to do with gamblers is the safety of the casinos they are playing in. As government has no control over Sticpay online casinos Japan, you can’t expect for any legal help if anything happens during your gambling process. The best thing you can do here is to play in safe and checked casinos like those presented in the SlotsUp list of SticPay or iWallet casinos. And if you are not interested in Sticpay casinos, we have something to choose from. Just have a glance at the list of online casinos that accept UnionPay that is now rapidly gaining popularity in Japan and the rest of Asia.

SticPay Casino Types

Here on SlotsUp, we do everything to provide you with the variety of online casinos to fit every player’s needs and desires. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced player, you’ll find something to quench your thirst for online gambling in the best and safest way.

Mobile Casinos that Accept SticPay

For the last years, mobile devices have overrun laptops and PCs — more and more users prefer to transfer all of their online activity right to their pockets. Now you don’t need to sit in front of your computer to make a couple of bets as any mobile casino site is ready to serve you right away. When using mobile device for gambling, it’s important to have a comfortable payment method as entering your credit card detail on a mobile screen every time you want to make a deposit is not fun at all.

Luckily, a mobile casino Sticpay deposit is just as easy to make as a deposit in the regular casino. Besides, Sticpay mobile casino will look and work as good as it would do on the larger screen, with the only difference being that you can take a mobile casino Sticpay with you wherever you go. There are two types of a Sticpay casino mobile: you can opt for a Sticpay deposit mobile casino working in a special casino app that you’ll need to download or lean towards the mobile casino accepting Sticpay adapted for a mobile browser. Both of them are good and worth your attention and the choice depends on your personal preferences only. As always, you can find a mobile casino with Sticpay deposit options by opening SlotsUp from your mobile device — we will show you every casino mobile Sticpay available in your region, followed by the detailed reviews and the best bonus offers.

Live Casinos that Accept SticPay

When you get bored with the regular online casinos and want to try something fresh and new, online live dealer casino can come handy. A live casino Sticpay is the combination of the best things the land-based and online casinos can give to a player. An online live casino Sticpay will let you feel the real Vegas vibe without the need to leave the comfort of your home and drive anywhere — all the dealers and fun chat with other players are already on your screen. We are constantly updating our list with the newest live casinos with Sticpay casino deposits so you’d better stay in touch to be the first who meet the new dealers and make bank.

New Casinos that Accept SticPay

The SlotsUp team has two main priorities: creating the complete list of the best and the safest online gambling websites and updating this list with the new online casinos as soon as something worthy appears on horizon. The new Sticpay online casinos are not an exception. Even though it’s not the most widespread payment option yet, a new Sticpay casino appears here and there once in a while and we are glad to share it with you if it meets all of our high quality requirements. So if you are bored with your old gambling venue and want to try a new casino Sticpay, you know where you should be looking for it.

SticPay Casino Bonuses

There’s no way to play online gambling games and never come across the seductive bonuses offered by the casinos. Even though those bonuses are marketing tools aimed at attracting the players and gaining their loyalty, the players can also benefit from them quite a lot. Let’s take a quick look at what online casino Sticpay bonus offers are waiting for you in the casinos:

  • A welcome Sticpay casino bonus. Often being called “a deposit bonus”, it can double or even triple your first real money transfer. Some generous casinos can also give you bonuses for the second and third deposits too.
  • A no-deposit bonus. It’s a much smaller sum of money given to the players with no pre-paids. You can get a no-deposit bonus when you just create your account or when the casino is just feeling like it.
  • Free spins. If you are a slots lovers, it’s hands down going to be your favorite kind of bonus offers. They can be a part of a deposit or a no-deposit bonus or coincide with the new game release or any other gambling-related event.

Whatever kind of bonus you get, don’t forget there are always wagering requirements applied. Double-check them in the casino’s T&C in order not to be fooled or just pick a reliable website from our list.

SticPay Casino FAQ

Are Sticpay casinos safe to play?
Yes, as long as you don’t play on the shady websites and give preference to the approved casinos from the SlotsUp list.
Do all casinos accept Sticpay?
Most of the Japanese online casinos have Sticpay among their payment options but players from the rest of the world may need to look for some other depositing methods.
What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via Sticpay?
The minimum deposit amount is usually set by a casino and is stated in its Terms & Conditions.
What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via Sticpay?
The same thing goes for the maximum deposit amount. Even though Sticpay sets the maximum limit of $2000 per day, some other limits can be set by the casinos.
Are there any fees charged?

Sticpay takes a small fee for every transaction. You can check the full list of fees on the Sticpay official website.

Are Sticpay deposits instant?
Yes and it’s one of the main Sticpay advantages. Your transaction will be processed within seconds and you can start playing without any delays.
Are Sticpay Deposits Allowed in My Country?
Sticpay is the international company providing its services all over the world. Despite this fact, not all the casinos are now accepting it as the deposit method so you might want to look for some other options if Sticpay is not available in your country.
Can I use Sticpay in mobile casinos?
Easily. Sticpay deposits can be made in all kinds of online casinos regardless of what device you are using.

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