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    Real Roulette With Dave

    Real Roulette with Dave Game Review

    The gambling industry continues to actively develop, but many users remain faithful to roulette. Especially for them, new variants of the classic game are regularly created. Real Roulette with Dave review points out the advantages and disadvantages of the software, as well as the effectiveness of its use by casino customers.

    What is Real Roulette with Dave?

    Globally speaking, this is one of the many variations of the classic European roulette. For a player who has bet at least once in a land-based casino, it is not difficult to adapt to the software from Microgaming and Real Dealer Studios.

    What Type of Roulette is the Real Roulette with Dave?

    In general, initially, it may seem that this is familiar to many European variations of roulette. However, in addition to the traditional functionality, providers have also added several special bets and the ability to view statistics. Moreover, in most online casinos you can make trial bets in the demo version. It is worth saying that Play Real Roulette with Dave for free is beneficial if the gambler is not sure that he has chosen the correct gambling strategy.

    Release date and the software developer

    The software was released on July 6, 2021 by Real Dealer Studios and Microgaming. It combines elements of a table game or a program created for a live casino.

    What are the Pros and Cons of Real Roulette with Dave?

    Like any gambling game, this software has its advantages and disadvantages. To them, it is worth including:

    Pros Cons
    Real Roulette with Dave RTP is 97.3%. So, with a competent choice of strategy and control of the bank, you can hope for a final profit. A small amount of additional functionality.
    The game is created by popular gambling providers. No additional multipliers.
    Nice picture and charismatic host. Roulette is not available in all online casinos.

    How to Play Real Roulette with Dave?

    Real Roulette with Dave online can be played by an experienced user as well as a beginner who is taking his first steps in gambling. The algorithm for betting is as follows:

    1. Determine which online casinos have software from Microgaming and Real Dealer Studios.
    2. Register and deposit in any convenient way.
    3. Start the game. The site system will automatically redirect the user to a page with roulette.
    4. With the help of the buttons available on the screen and cues from the host, choose the appropriate betting option. Immediately after the launch, a cinematic image will appear.
    5. If the bet was successful, the profit will automatically be transferred to the user’s main account. In case of failure, the funds will be canceled.

    As a result, it’s not a bad option to have fun and be productive.

    What are inside bets in the game?

    As in a conventional European land roulette, in this game, there are several inside bets, which attract the attention of players because of the high odds:

    • Straight bet;
    • Split bet;
    • Street bet;
    • Corner bet;
    • Line Bet.

    Game Real Roulette with Dave allows customers of gambling platforms to multiply their bets up to 35 times. But to do this, you need to guess a particular number. Naturally, in many respects, you have to rely on luck.

    What are the outside bets on the game?

    If we talk about outside bets, it is worth highlighting the following options, familiar to experienced users of online casinos:

    • Red or Black;
    • Even or Odd;
    • High or Low;
    • Dozen Bet;
    • Column Bet.

    Their peculiarity is quite high odds of the player winning. On the other hand, unlike inside bets, the odds are much lower. Also, it is worth noting that there are many strategies in the public domain to control the pot in bets on equal events.

    What are the special features of the game?

    Best Real Roulette with Dave has several interesting features that are sure to attract the attention of the target audience. They include the following:

    • the presence of an artificial person and a model of the dealer, which is difficult to distinguish from the real presenter, and therefore the process of immersion into the atmosphere of gambling is even more noticeable;
    • the player can add his favorite types of bets in the “favorites”, as well as make special bets;
    • the user has the opportunity to view statistics for the entire time of use of this online casino game.

    As a result, this is the most live and progressive kind of roulette, which can completely change your attitude to gambling.

    Roulette Game Layout and Table

    Real Roulette with Dave by Real Dealer Studios and Microgaming in many ways repeats the classic rules of the game. Therefore, users should have no problems with the fact that they place bets and, in the case of a successful result, get a well-deserved profit.

    What is the betting range?

    Provider in its development offers gamblers to bet on the racetrack, as well as more familiar options for European roulette, namely, outside bets and inside bets.

    What are the payouts in the game?

    In general, Real Roulette with Dave, not all players have heard, although the software is developed by the legendary provider Microgaming. Its peculiarity is the presence of an irreplaceable leader around whom the whole process revolves. In all other respects, it is a classic European variation of the game. Payouts for the main types of betting are as follows:

    • 1:1. Red or black, odd or even;
    • 2:1. Dozen, Column;
    • 5:1. Line bets;
    • 8:1. Corner;
    • 11:1. Street;
    • 17:1. Split;
    • 35:1 Straight up bet.

    Thanks to the presence of the very Dave and modern graphics, online casino customers can fully immerse themselves in an atmosphere of excitement.

    What are the controls in the game?

    Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can rotate wheels and specify betting parameters directly through the buttons available to the user on the screen.

    Is it possible to play the game on mobile?

    If you need to make a bet using a smartphone, then this variation of roulette gives you that opportunity. Providers have adapted the software for the permissions of cell phones, tablets, etc. Consequently, place bets have become even easier.

    mobile slot

    Real Roulette with Dave Mobile Slot - ✅ Available on all mobile devices: iPhone / iPad / Android phone & tablet

    Real Roulette with Dave RTP - The Return to Player for this Roulette is 97.30%

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