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Premium French Roulette Game Review

The gambling industry continues to expand, so it is not surprising that new games often appear. Many active users have heard about Premium French Roulette. This game was developed by the provider Playtech. This is an interesting and updated version of the classic version of roulette.

What is Premium French Roulette?

The main feature of the game is in the name. After all, all inscriptions in this type of roulette are written in French, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of classic casinos. The playing field is divided into 37 sectors, where 36 are allocated numbers consecutively, and the last one is connected with the so-called zero. In turn, the Playtech provider added some unique features, allowing for diversifying the process.

What Type of Roulette is the Premium French Roulette

This type of roulette refers to table games. In this case, unlike the classic game, known to many by land-based casinos, there are additional features, as well as a French interface. In addition, if the user does not want to bet for real money, it is the best-suited demo version. Why play Premium French Roulette for free? So you can train your skills and practice different gambling strategies.

Release date and the software developer

The first release of the game appeared in 2016. This variation of roulette is part of a series of developments by Playtech related to new functionality for popular gambling destinations. Despite being similar to the original version rules, players are offered many unique components, including the presence of a racetrack.

What are the Pros and Cons of Premium French Roulette?

Like any software associated with the gambling industry, the presented game has its advantages and disadvantages. To them, it is worth including.

Pros Cons
Premium French Roulette RTP is 98.65%. The minimum advantage of the system allows users to count on the final success. Some of the names are written in French, and therefore a beginner gambler will be difficult to understand the nuances.
Modern and pleasant graphics, allow attracting the attention of even the user who is not fond of roulette. Some online casinos do not have games developed by Playtech.
Each feature can diversify the gameplay, making it more fun and interesting. Such games will not suit fans of high roller.

How to Play Premium French Roulette?

For a beginner, betting on online casino games can seem quite complicated. Premium French Roulette review is necessary to simplify this task as much as possible. In general, the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Registration in the selected online casino or authorization in the existing account.
  2. Selecting the section with table games, click on the French roulette from Playtech.
  3. After starting the game, the user has the opportunity to decorate the table to your liking, and the functionality allows you to do this. When the process begins, bet on one of the options. If it is successful, the profit will be transferred to the account of the gambler. In case of failure, the amount of the bet is canceled.

In general, in a few minutes, the average user will be able to understand the nuances and start betting.

What are inside bets in the game?

Best Premium French Roulette contains several inside bets, namely:

  • Plein (Straight bet);
  • Cheval (Split bet);
  • Transversale Pleine (Street bet);
  • Carre (Corner bet);
  • Transversale Simple (Line Bet).

Payout, in the case of winning these bets, is substantial, and therefore many players are willing to take risks to get a significant profit for one action.

What are the outside bets on the game?

Provider offers players to bet on the familiar to many variants. However, it should be borne in mind that the names of options are written in French. The outside bets should include:

  • Rouge/Noir (Red/Black);
  • Pair/Impair (Even/Odd);
  • Passe/Manque (High/Low);
  • Douzaine (Dozen Bet);
  • Colonne (Column Bet).

These bets do not have high odds, and therefore the probability of winning is somewhat higher.

What are the special features of the game?

Many users may think that this is a regular version of the game but developed by one of the leading providers. This is not true because the developer has added several exclusive features to Premium French Roulette online, which make spinning the wheel even more interesting:

  • there are additional called bets (Voisins du Zero, Le Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins);
  • the gambler can independently change the color of the table;
  • there are tabs with the history of bets and statistics, thanks to which you can find out what type of bets took place most often.

As a result, we can say that this is a more modern and progressive version of the game.

Roulette Game Layout and Table

If we do not take into account that the Premium French Roulette by Playtech has additional features, the gaming table may seem to many users as similar to the classic version of the game.

What is the betting range?

The gambler is available for outside bets and inside bets. In total, more than ten betting options. Consequently, if a player expects to make the final profit, it is better to learn the strategies and control your bank.

What are the payouts in the game?

Naturally, the game Premium French Roulette contains many variations of bets, namely:

  • 1:1. Red/Black, Odd/Even;
  • 2:1. Column, dozen;
  • 5:1. Line bets;
  • 8:1. Corner (four numbers);
  • 11:1. Street (three numbers);
  • 17:1. Split (two numbers);
  • 35:1 Straight up bet (one number).

Players who are not ready to risk their money should choose equal events. More experienced users, with the help of the history and betting statistics functionality, can try to choose more progressive options.

What are the controls in the game?

Place bets and perform other actions in the playing field are performed using the buttons that are visually placed on the screen in front of the user. Understanding their features is not difficult.

Is it possible to play the game on mobile?

Naturally, the provider Playtech has foreseen the desire of many gamblers to bet on the presented roulette through mobile devices. Consequently, the functionality is fully adapted for smartphones and tablets based on the operating systems Android and iOS.

mobile slot

Premium French Roulette Mobile Slot - ✅ Available on all mobile devices: iPhone / iPad / Android phone & tablet

Premium French Roulette RTP - The Return to Player for this Roulette is 98.65%

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