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And here comes the most paradoxical gambling market in the world — the Chinese one. With the gambling being illegal, the country still remains the first in the rate when it comes to the gambling revenues if we take into consideration Hong Kong and Macao as the parts of the Chinese territories.

Here on this page, we will be talking about the Chinese mainland and the online gambling in China that exists despite of the governmental bans. You will not find the legal Chinese online casino but there are ways to access the best online casinos for China players that are located outside the country and we know everything about those ways.

So here is the list of the best China casino sites, our recommendations on how to play online casino in China and stay safe, and some interesting facts about the Chinese gambling in general. So if it’s what you want to know or if you are looking for the best online casino China — keep reading to learn all the secrets of playing in the online casino China for real money.

Best Online Casino accepting players from China

Online Casino Sites in China

The fact is — there are no licensed internet casinos in China as gambling is completely prohibited everywhere except for Hong Kong and Macao. The Chinese government is pretty strict when it comes to the illegal Chinese casinos online and those providing gambling services may face huge fines or even the prison sentence. Players are not allowed to make bets in the China accepted online casinos too but the regulatory authority is mostly concentrated on operators so there are almost no chances to get caught for playing in the China friendly online casinos.

The main problem is that a lot of the worlds famous online casinos are banned in China so you’ll have to find the Chinese casino online that is still available or use the additional VPN tools. For your convenience, we've made the list of the top rated online casinos in China that have not been blocked yet. The list of the best China casinos online will save your time and, moreover, you can be sure in the casino's quality as every online casino in China is checked before it gets on this page. So what do we exactly check while choosing the CNY online casino for SlotsUp?

  • The license. The license is the first and the foremost thing that we check in any China casino online. Obviously, a casino can’t have the official Chinese license as it just doesn't exist but it should be approved by the relevant corresponding organization. Such a license shows that the casino was properly checked and its fairness was confirmed. It's very important to play in the licensed casinos only to avoid frauds and other problems. Our customers' safety is our main priority so only the top Chinese online casinos can make it to this list.
  • The quality. Not all China online casinos are good. Even those that are licensed can have the average quality or the poor choice of the China casino games online. The top 10 China online casinos from the list are offering the best gambling services for any gambler. Whether you are a newbie who prefers classic online slots in China or an experienced gambler looking for the state-of-the-art releases, you'll find something for your taste in any best online casino for Chinese players on SlotsUp. Add the convenient user interface and the great performance and you'll get the perfect place to make several spins or play any kind of online casino games in China.
  • The banking. To play online casino China for real money, you'll need to find the website that accepts payment methods available in the country. The top 10 online casinos in China will let you choose among several payment options so you can pick the one that is the most convenient for you. You may need to check the information on the casino's website, but these options usually include credit and debit cards, Skrill, prepaid cards etc. Payment can always be made in several currencies. These are usually the US dollar, euro, the Chinese yuan and some other.
  • The customer support. Before adding a casino to the list and calling it the best Chinese casino online, we always check its customer support as it's one of the important features for any casino. There should always be someone to answer your questions if you have any problems with logging in, depositing, money withdrawal or anything else. Every China best online casino from this page has a responsive customer support ready to help you via phone or live chat.

We thoroughly examine these and other smaller factors to make sure you would be playing in the best casino online in China whether it's a small mobile casino China or a full-fledged gambling website. Our team is carefully following all the industry events to add the new China online casinos as soon as they appear. Thus, you can always try something new and not stick to just one website, even if it’s the best paying online casino in China. We are also constantly updating the list of the Chinese free slots that you can play on SlotsUp with no registration — please check them now for free to select your favorites before betting in the real Chinese casino.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in China

This short passage is devoted to the online gambling laws in China. Now you don't need to read the long Chinese online gambling laws as we've already done it and told them in a form of questions with the short yet clear answers. It’s the best way to understand how the China online gambling works in general without digging into the online gambling law in China

Is online gambling allowed in China?

No, according to the online gambling China legislation, all kinds of gambling online in China are prohibited. Providing of the online gambling in China isn't legal and the operators are prosecuted by law. The situation is different when it comes to playing in the Chinese online casinos.

On the one hand, it's not allowed to make the real money bets even in the legitimate online casinos for China players and those who have been caught may face serious charges. On the other hand, it almost never happens as it's much more important for the government to catch the casinos for providing the online gambling without license in China than to watch the players who make small bets in the online casino for real money in China once in a while. It means that you can still play your favorite games on the best online gambling sites China as long as you are using VPN tools or choosing the reputable online casinos in China from the SlotsUp list.

It's not like the online gambling industry in China is the only one that suffers. You will not find a single legal land-based CNY casino too as all kinds of gambling activities are considered to be illegal. Nevertheless, there are two state-owned lotteries, the China Sports Lottery and the Welfare lottery, that are allowed and are not considered to be the gambling activities. Despite the ban on the brick-and-mortar casinos, there are still a lot of illegal gambling halls that we don’t recommend visiting though as both offline and online gambling authority in China are pretty strict.

What is the online gambling age in China?

China doesn't specify the legal online gambling age as there are no legal online casinos on China mainland territory. But you can gamble in Hong Kong or Macau casinos since 18 if you are a visitor or since 21 if you are a local citizen.

So even if you can't find the online casino China that is legal, you can either travel to the above-mentioned territories or to pick the safe online casino China from the SlotsUp list and enjoy the safe online gambling in China.

History of Gambling in China

Even though there are not so many definite evidence, it is thought that the Chinese gambling market appeared much earlier than you could expect — as far as in year 600 BC. In that times, the first gambling games such as dice appeared in China and became popular among the locals together with the board games such as Boju and Liubo.

Many centuries have passed since then and the industry has gone through many changes. In the Middle Ages, gambling was very widespread all over the country's territory. During the Japanese invasion in 1930-1940, Shanghai became one of the main gambling cities with a lot of casinos and gambling halls.

But everything changed when the People's Republic of China appeared in 1949 and Mao Zedong banned all the gambling activities in all the CNY casinos. He then considered it as an illness of the socialist society. And even though the attitude towards gambling has changed since then, both offline and online gambling are still banned and there are no China based online casinos. In 1987, the Welfare Lottery was founded to become one of a few gambling activities allowed for Chinese players in the China approved online casinos.

One of the important things preventing the Chinese from betting in the online casinos accepting China players is the “great firewall” — the governmental program made to block the country's citizens from using the overseas internet-services such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and the top online casinos for Chinese players as well. The firewall is being constantly developed so you'd better go and play in the internet casino right now before all the best online casinos for Chinese players got blocked.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in China

When it comes to offline and online gambling, China is one of the toughest countries in the world. It not only prohibits gambling in the China online casino sites but also blocks the best online casinos for Chinese players located overseas. The country's policy is to completely prevent its citizens from making bets in the top 10 Chinese online casinos and only left them with the two state-owned lotteries and some sports betting events. At the same time, Hong Kong and Macao remain the most popular gambling destinations in the world that can even compete with Vegas which make the Chinese gambling market even weirder and more controversial.

If you look at the today's situation, you will see there are no chances for it to change in the nearest future and there is probably no point in hoping that the new online casinos for China players will become legal soon.

The good thing is that not all of the China online casinos 2017 have been blocked and crashed by the “great firewall” and you can still enjoy the gambling games in the safe and approved Chinese casinos from the SlotsUp list. Every casino in our list is followed by our detailed China online casino reviews and the best casino offers for the SlotsUp readers. So if you were looking for the reliable online casino CNY — you can pick any from the list above and make your bets fast and safe.

For the fans of mobile gambling, we”ve created the list of the Chinese mobile casinos. To see it and play the mobile slots in China, open this page from your tablet or smartphone and we will show you the available casinos considering your location.

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