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    Nuts, but true! Microgaming online products set a new top-class record – 7 millionaires in 7 months

    Article by : Helen Oct 21, 2020

    If you’ve ever heard of Microgaming’s progressive jackpots, you know exactly what this is about. They can literally change the life of any player in an instant. This isn’t just about high-stake prizes. Sometimes it is enough to set the minimum amount to feel like a darling of fate.

    Major Millions is one of the most popular gambling products that has managed to reward one of the players with a stunning seven-figure jackpot. The most exciting thing is that on March 14, the casino slot also awarded the user with a prize of 1,650,910.31 euros.

    However, this was just a warm-up for Microgaming products. The equally popular, and possibly more generous Mega Moolah slot also did not stand aside. The online gambling community has witnessed 4 multi-million dollar jackpots and a record high winnings in 2020.

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    This online provider’s products have long become synonymous with multi-million dollar jackpots that can be obtained by spinning the reels 24/7. According to official data, during 2020, the total amount of seven-figure and eight-figure Microgaming jackpots exceeded 30 million euros.

    One of the most recent record winnings was the jackpot of €1,650,382.89. This award was received on July 20, 2020. The lucky gambler wished to remain anonymous. There is no doubt that after the €3 bet, getting such a big jackpot was a complete surprise.

    The only thing that is known for sure is that the player was from the UK, and now their bank account has increased by 1.6 million euros without much difficulty. The lucky winner will receive his prize in one whole amount, and not as is the case with other progressive jackpots from a famous developer. Most of them were transferred by equal parts to owners.

    We are genuinely delighted to have one of our customers become a millionaire overnight. Major Millions has always been one of the most popular online fortune-making products ever played. Great game mechanics and 5 reels are still ready to give each of the clients an unforgettable gaming experience.

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    The brand has introduced its August set of new games from its rapidly increasing independent development network. The diverse selection of the top-greatest games became available on its service from August 11, 2020.