100% Casino Bonus

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Whether you are an inveterate player or a newbie, you will never refuse the ability to get a head start with your gaming career by instantly doubling up your casino account balance. Surprisingly enough, that’s not a pipe dream but a reality with many online casinos, which offer a 100% casino bonus to both new and regular players. Yeah, just like that, with very little to no strings attached, you can turn your $100 into $200, $500 into $1,000, and maybe even take advantage of some extra perks that may come along with your 100% bonus!

However, it all comes down to selecting the right casino, and that’s why we’re here. We’ve dissected thousands of online casinos to separate the wheat from the chaff into the shortlist of top-notch online casinos with 100% bonuses. Just below this intro, you can see a tailor-made collection of the best double-down bonuses offered by the most reputable gaming platforms in the world. Feel free to skim through the collection to pick your beloved casino and – most important – make sure to read this guide to the end to learn how to boost your gains with 100% bonuses of all types, avoiding pitfalls and maximizing your profits.

Top Online Casinos with 100% Bonuses for 2022

Everything You Need to Know About 100% Casino Bonuses

Your 100% no deposit bonus may become a heavy weapon in your hands that will allow you to extract some real cash, test new games, and accomplish who knows how many more other goals, but only if you learn how to maximize this bonus to the fullest. We’ll decipher it in the paragraphs below, and now let’s name the most important aspects:

  • Bonus type: welcome, match, no-wagering; cashable, non-cashable.
  • Wagering requirements: apply (usually) or not apply.
  • Limit to the amount of withdrawable bonus money: applies (usually) or not applies.

What Exactly Is 100% Bonus?

A 100% bonus is a reward granted to you by the casino as a part of another bonus or as a standalone bonus. 100% bonus means that the bonus amount will be equal to the amount of your deposit. For example, if you’ve deposited $100, your 100% bonus will be $100, granting you a total of $200 to play with; if you’ve deposited $500, your 100% bonus will be yet another $500, granting you a total of $1,000 to play with. And so on.

As you can see, ‘100%’ has to do with the bonus size but not its type. A 100% bonus may be of the following types:

  • Welcome bonus. The most widespread is a 100% welcome bonus, which will double up your initial deposit to give you a great boost at the very beginning of your gaming career. It’s worth noting that this welcome bonus usually has a lower playthrough requirement than its bigger peers of 200% and 300%.
  • Match (deposit) bonus. A 100% match bonus is yet another super-popular casino perk, which is granted to regular depositors. As a rule, this type of bonus has an impressive upper limit up to a few thousand dollars.
  • No-wagering bonus. It’s an absolutely best-case scenario, a no-wagering 100% bonus is a gem, as you don’t have to complete the playthrough requirement. In other words, all bonus money is yours from the very start and with no strings attached. A no-wagering 100% bonus is always small in size, up to a few dozen dollars, but hey, it’s still free, and you can do with it whatever you want!

Why Do Online Casinos Offer 100% Bonuses?

You might think it’s unreasonable for casinos to offer generous perks to players, but, of course, it’s all well-calculated. Most casinos have large budgets of millions of dollars, and they all play long-run. It doesn’t matter for them if you’ve won from them a few hundred dollars as long as you are well on your way to becoming a regular that would bring all that money back and then some.

  • Attract new players. 100% welcome bonuses suggest an excellent motto: Get Your Money Doubled! It works like a magnet to new players, as they can only deposit half of the money they will have to play with. One example of such use of the 100% welcome bonus is the Conquer online casino.
  • Make you deposit more over time. It goes without saying that once you’ve tried the real-money play, you get excited, and with a 100% bonus at hand, you often get overexcited, which leads to excessive losses and more deposits.
  • Make you a casino follower. It’s quite hard to get off the hook once you’ve felt all the advantages of real-money play. Free credits do not excite you anymore – you’re craving real battles with real money at stake. At this stage, you become a casino follower.
  • Make you an affiliate. Surprisingly enough, you don’t even have to spend YOUR money to help the casino promote itself. In a while after receiving your bonus, you might want to invite your friends for the same bonus, and that’s how your referral career may start. More invites will generate you more money, and the win-win deal will benefit you, the casino, and maybe even the attracted players, who may also get some perks from your referral link.

That said, any conscious gambler can easily nullify the disadvantages of any bonuses while reaping the benefits to the fullest.

How to Claim Your 100% Casino Bonuses?

Claiming your 100% bonus is no harder than claiming any other casino bonus, but there are a few nuances to take into account, especially if you’ve never claimed bonuses before:

  1. Register with the best casino you can find. The importance of selecting a credible online casino cannot be overestimated. Up to date, there are still casinos that don’t fulfill their obligations, so you must be very careful with it. To safeguard yourself against all sorts of trouble, we would recommend you to use our ready-made list of verified online casinos with 100% bonuses.
  2. Read the bonus terms & conditions. Every casino has a bonus terms & conditions page on which it elaborates on all the conditions and limitations that must be met before you can withdraw your bonus and (or) bonus winnings. These limitations may or may not include geographical restrictions, wagering requirements, players/games/deposit methods excluded from the bonus offer, and other conditions, which is why we strongly recommend you to peruse the bonus T&C page of your casino before taking action.
  3. Choose the bonus with the best wagering requirements. As being said, the accompanying conditions – the wagering requirements, that is – define whether it is expedient at all to deal with the bonus offer. Therefore, make sure the playthrough requirement is not too high (30x and better will do), and the upper limit to the maximum amount of bonus winnings isn’t too low (a few hundred dollars will do).
  4. Claim your bonus and complete the wagering. Some bonuses might be claimable via email, live chat, or promo codes, but more often, 100% bonuses are credited automatically once you’ve made your deposit. Nevertheless, make sure you are aware of how to claim the bonus.
  5. Withdraw your money or play with it. Once you’ve played through your bonus, you are free to do with your money whatever you want – you can instantly withdraw it, or you can try to win even more.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

As you already know, not only the size of the bonus matters but also the wagering requirements – the conditions that you have to fulfill to be able to withdraw your bonus and (or) your bonus winnings. Depending on the casino and the type of bonus, the wagering requirements may include:

  • Playthrough requirement. A playthrough requirement is a number that defines the total amount of money that you must wager on casino games to convert your bonus money into cash. For example, a 30x playthrough requirement means you must wager at least 30 times more than your bonus amount. Naturally, the lower the playthrough requirement, the better. The best-case scenario is the no-wagering 100% bonus, as it requires no wagering at all.
  • Eligible games and contributing percentages. Unfortunately, not all games count the same towards the playthrough requirement, and not all games count at all. You can find this info on the bonus T&C page of your casino. For example, if slots and table games contribute 100%, it means every dollar wagered on slots and table games count as a dollar towards the playthrough requirement; but if, say, craps and video poker count 20%, it means every dollar will count as 20 cents towards the playthrough requirement. As simple as that.
  • Maximum withdrawable amount. Sometimes players catch their lucky breaks, and casinos want to be safe when that happens, which is why most online platforms will establish a cap to the amount of bonus winnings that you can cash out. As a rule, the cap is a few hundred dollars or a few thousand at best.
  • General restrictions. Last but not least, some countries, states, and territories, as well as some banking methods, may be excluded from the bonus offer, so you should check that out in advance.

100% Bonus Casino FAQ

📌  What Is a 100% Casino Bonus?
A 100% casino bonus is any bonus that gives you an extra 100% of your real-money deposit. This bonus can be of different types, including but not limited to welcome bonus, match bonus, and no-wagering bonus. For example, a welcome 100% casino bonus will double up your initial deposit, adding just as much money to your bonus score as the amount you’ve deposited to the casino. Once you’ve got your bonus money, you have to convert it into cash by completing the wagering requirements established by your casino.
📌  Are There Any Wagering Requirements for 100% Bonuses?
Yes, wagering requirements apply to all 100% bonuses except for no-wagering bonuses, which are very rare. Typically, wagering requirements define the total amount of money you must wager on eligible casino games before you can cash out your bonus (if cashable) and your bonus winnings. Wagering requirements may or may not apply to both the bonus and the bonus winnings.
📌  Who Can Qualify for 100% Bonuses?
The qualification requirements are established by your casino, but basically, it’s enough to make the minimum deposit to the casino to be eligible for a 100% bonus. However, as being said, additional qualification criteria may apply in some cases.
📌  How to Claim 100% Bonuses?
To claim your 100% bonus,

  1. Sign up for a reputable casino that you can trust (for that, use our tailor-made collection of top-notch online casinos with 100% bonuses).
  2. Make sure you are aware of the bonus terms & conditions.
  3. Choose the 100% bonus with the best wagering requirements.
  4. Claim your bonus.
  5. Complete the wagering requirements and do with the money you’ve won whatever you want.
📌  Can I Use 100% Bonuses More than Once?
Yes, you can use 100% bonuses as many times as the casino allows it, especially because 100% bonuses can be of many types and forms. For example, you can first take advantage of a 100% welcome bonus, then grab a 100% match bonus, and then avail of a 100% high-roller bonus. There’s absolutely no limit to the flexibility of 100% bonuses!

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