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    Best Craps Strategies

    Best Craps Strategies

    Article by : Max Bet May 28, 2022

    The gambling industry continues to evolve. This is evidenced by the emergence of new land-based gambling establishments, as well as many online casinos. Their customers are offered a choice of hundreds of slots, table games, and roulette. If we talk about the directions of gambling with the longest history, it is worth attributing dice. They were tossed a few thousand years ago in ancient Egypt. To date, this game is liked by many customers in casinos because of the intuitive basic rules. You can figure them out in just a few minutes by reading the various instructions and tips from analysts.

    However, how to bet in craps and not lose money at the same time at a distance? Undoubtedly, you should spend a little time to find the most profitable and progressive strategy. Why is it worth doing? Globally speaking, this way players guarantee themselves:

    1. The minimum probability of losing the bank. The basis of almost every betting strategy is to control the money and choose the best option.
    2. Understanding how to act in one or another situation. When it is necessary to refuse to continue betting, and when you can take a risk to increase your bank.
    3. Gradual improvement of own skills, possibility to develop and make gambling as a source of stable earnings.

    As a rule, those players who bet at random do not have the opportunity to make a steady profit. They may get lucky in the short run, but if they continue to act chaotically, they will be unsuccessful.

    The Basics of Playing Craps

    Many players may think that the essence of the game of craps is tossing dice and the participant with the highest combination will win. Everything is a little more diverse. Now developed a lot of variations of the classic game. For example, in the casino the gaming table can be up to 24 gamblers. Each of them has to conclude a bet. The most popular are:

    1. Betting on the win. If a player wants to win already after the first dice roll, he can choose this option.
    2. On lose. In turn, users who have doubts about winning at this stage can choose, on the contrary, to lose.
    3. Bet on 6 or 8. Gambler, confident that these numbers will fall before seven can make the appropriate bet. But its coefficient is much smaller.
    4. Come. The next shot after this bet is incoming for the player. If he is sure to win, he should choose Come. By analogy, if he chooses to lose, then this bet will be called Don`t Come.
    5. Field. The most profitable bet, because for the gambler will be considered a winning roll of 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, and 11.

    Thus, craps are quite an interesting and multifaceted game. If you go into the essence, you can pick up a lot of options for the gameplay.

    Basic Strategies for Beginners

    No matter how a beginner does not expect to be able to make a stable profit, to realize such a desire, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the optimal strategy. The following options are optimal for beginners:

    1. Martingale strategy. Immediately it should be noted that this is a rather risky tactic, which is optimal for casino customers with large limits on the maximum bet. Its essence is that after each loss of an equal event, the gambler increases the bet amount by twice or slightly more. Thus, he will be able to get the minimum profit in any case. The exception is a string of unsuccessful combinations.
    2. Pass Line. Making such a bet before the first cast, the player wins on a roll of 7 or 11. In turn, he loses immediately on a roll of 2, 3, or 12. In all other cases, the “point” is exposed. If it falls earlier than the number “7”, the player wins. If the opposite happened, then he loses. Many experienced gamblers after each failure multiply the bet in half, thereby minimizing the risk of having a loss.
    3. Don’t Pass Line. The opposite of the principle of the bet to the previous option. The player wins on a roll of 2 or 3, losing on 7 or 11. In turn, on a roll of 12 is assigned a draw.

    Do not forget about the other classic gambling strategies that are in demand among casino customers, including the “Fixed Bet”, which allows you to control the bank. Use these simple strategies, and therefore they will be the best option for beginners.

    Medium Difficulty Strategy

    If you miss the classic betting strategies, it is worth considering more progressive options, among which:

    1. The strategy of equal chances. To start using it, it is necessary that after the first dice toss a point falls out. Afterward, you choose one of the six numbers included in it. If you fall out 6 or 8, the bet will be calculated as 6:5; for 5 and 9 – 3:2; for 4 and 10 – 2:1.
    2. Aggressive strategy. For example, the gambler can bet $6 on a roll of 6. It is important that this number fell earlier than 7. After each win, he adds from 1 to 4 dollars from his pot. If the player is lucky and he gets a few good bets in a row, his initial bank will grow several times. In this strategy, it is important to stop in time.

    Of course, along with the possibility of making a significant profit, the risks of losing money increase. Consequently, the use of this option of gambling should be approached with caution.

    Advanced Strategies

    If you have long been engaged in gambling, then you should seriously consider advanced strategies for the game craps. Among them, it is necessary to allocate:

    1. Lay bets. Quite an interesting strategy. If a player notices that quite often fall out, for example, numbers 4 and 10, he can bet against them. Winning is possible if 7 appears before, respectively, 4 or 10. The advantage of the casino, in this case, is about 3.5%, indicating that the strategy presented gambling as less profitable than many others. However, much depends on the statistical probability.
    2. Iron Cross. An ambiguous strategy that will not bring you much money, but on a roll of “7” will mean a total loss. Its peculiarity is that the player closes absolutely all variations, except those that will result in a “7” (4-3, 5-2, 1-6, etc.). Thus, 30 out of 36 variations will be winning. But do not forget that the final profit, in this case, would be minimal.
    3. Hedging. Using this strategy you overlap the possible options that will bring losses. Consequently, with a high probability, you will receive a minimum profit.

    In the public domain now there are many strategies, both popular and those developed directly by players with extensive experience. If the gambler wants to diversify the process, it is worth getting acquainted with all available options.

    Money management

    Many players don’t pay attention to bank control. As a result, many of them can easily lose all their money, even if they are sure that they have chosen the best way to play craps for real money. What should be done to minimize such risks and take a calm approach to the process of betting:

    1. Determine the amount with which you are ready to start the gamble. Already at this stage, you should understand that there are risks of losing them, and so it must be the money with which you are not afraid to say goodbye.
    2. For each bet allocate a relatively small percentage of the bank. So, if you encounter a series of unsuccessful bets, you will have the opportunity to correct the situation.
    3. Not to gamble around the clock. It should be a job that works and pleases you. The longer you flip the dice, the more likely it is that you will lose control and lose everything. As a rule, it is considered optimal to spend no more than an hour in the casino.

    As statistics show, it is because of the lack of “money management” that many players are disappointed in gambling and stop being fond of such bets.

    What Bets Should Not Be Made?

    In general, in the context of the types of bets that are inadvisable to make in the game craps, we can draw an analogy with betting. The lower the odds of winning an event, the lower the probability of profit at a distance. This is due to the margin. Many experienced gamblers recommend paying attention to equivalent events, namely those that are calculated as 2:1.

    Which Strategy is Better?

    Of course, many players are wondering what is the most effective strategy at a distance. Surprisingly, this status belongs to simple and intuitive betting strategies, namely Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line. It is desirable to combine them with other strategies, including Martingale and Fixed Bet. Consequently, this way you can increase profits and reduce the risk of losing the bank.


    Where is the best place to train to play strategy in Craps?

    For beginner gamblers, it is extremely important to analyze the rules of craps to increase the chance of making a profit. It is possible to practice both at home and by reading the various instructions available in the public domain. However, an increasing number of people prefer to improve their skills in an online casino. Many large platforms offer their customers to bet for free in demo mode. Thus, the user has the opportunity without risk to the main bank to work out the most popular strategies and develop their algorithm for betting.

    How to find the right strategy for me?

    Many novice players don’t know how to choose the right strategy to increase their chances of success. In the first stages, it is desirable to choose those options that will keep your bank “afloat”. As an example, you can use the “Fixed Bet”. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that, for one playing session, the gambler must allocate a small percentage of the bank. In this case, each bet should not exceed 5%. This strategy has long been considered the safest and therefore is in demand among players.

    What are the most popular strategies?

    If we talk directly about the best craps strategies, many experienced gamblers prefer dice control and dice setting. They are formed directly under the fans of this direction of gambling. In general, their rules are intuitive, and therefore do not need to spend a lot of time to understand the details..

    Craps is more about skill or luck?

    Naturally, winning even a user who is inexperienced in dice throwing can play. After all, like most areas of gambling, the final success in the game depends largely on luck. For example, the online casino uses a random number generator, and therefore the final combination does not depend on the strength of the tossing cube. However, do not dwell solely on luck. If you consider success in the long term, you should learn a betting strategy. Consequently, the player will have more opportunities to choose the best option.

    What are the best bets in Craps?

    Of course, any gambling establishment would cease to function if its customers had an initial advantage. Consequently, every player should understand that the majority of gamblers find themselves at a disadvantage. For example, all online casinos have such a concept as RTP. It is the initial advantage of the system to the user. Statistics show that the most profitable betting options for players are Don’t Come and Pass Line. The RTP rate for these betting variants is no less than 98%. That is, the company receives no more than 2 cents from each dollar bet

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