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    How Craps Table Works

    How the Craps Table Works

    Article by : Max Bet May 26, 2022

    Many novice gamblers may think that the game of dice is as simple as possible. In general, you can learn the rules in a few minutes, but the gameplay in the official casino is somewhat different from what many are used to. Therefore, players seeing the game table for the first time in a land-based casino may have different questions, such as: “what are the craps numbers that give the winning combination”.

    All bets, tossing dice, and interaction between participants take place at the table for Craps. Visually, the playing field resembles the one used for roulette, but the arrangement of the fields is slightly different. It is designed to ensure that before the next round of the game, all participants can put chips on the selected field, thereby making a bet.

    Similar to the casino table, large gambling sites on the Internet also offer their customers to bet on different variations of craps. The user has the opportunity to interact both against the system site and against the real dealer in the live casino. In the latter, you see a real presenter in the role of the dealer, who explains the rules to the participants and offers to proceed directly with the process. Naturally, in this format, you cannot see the other participants, and instead of being able to voice announce your bet and put chips on the table, you have to click on the buttons located on the screen. Thus, a certain charm of the process is lost, but many people simply do not have the opportunity to visit a licensed casino in their own or nearby city.

    What does a casino table look like?

    Many beginners taking their first steps in gambling may think that dice are rolled on a small table and nothing depends on the final combination. However, in reality, this game is much more complicated, as evidenced by the gaming table. It is almost identical in size to the one used to play roulette. Moreover, it is divided into many sectors that mark the different betting options that participants in the process can choose. Depending on the format, either 12 or 24 people can take part in the process.

    Large and status casinos are trying to attract the target audience through expensive and sophisticated gaming tables, made to order with a unique design. Institutions simpler choose more budget options.

    Interestingly, today gamblers can buy all the necessary equipment in specialized stores, although it is not cheap. As a result, gamblers can spend some fun in close company, playing a few rounds by the rules, which are formed not by the casino, and directly by the participants. Some people choose a more modest option, stopping to play crap outdoors without much adherence to the traditional rules. Each gambler must choose the option that he prefers, or even register an account at an online casino and interact with the artificial intelligence of the selected gambling site.

    What sections is the Craps table divided into?

    Only at first glance, one might think that craps bets have no variety. However, there are many diagrams in the public domain that prove otherwise. If the gambler looks at the gaming table, he will see that it is divided into many sectors, namely:

    • Pass Line;
    • Don’t Pass Line;
    • Come;
    • Don’t come;
    • Pass Line Odds;
    • Don’t Pass Line Odds;
    • Come odds;
    • Don’t Come Odds;
    • Big Six;
    • Big Eight;
    • Field.

    Consequently, the task of the player is to analyze each field to understand what is the best bet to make at any given moment of the game. Naturally, this requires time.

    Generally, visually, a dice table resembles a billiard table as much as possible. It also has sides and is painted mostly green. Moreover, each section, located on the table, has a large size, because the table should fit a lot of people, including dealers and participants who decided to make bets.

    Visually, the playing field for the game of craps for online casinos may differ slightly, and therefore it is better to immediately understand the nuances.

    How bets are placed on the table

    Players at the gaming table must bet on one of the many options. For each type of betting the corresponding field is available. If the gambler has a desire to make several types of bets, he has to distribute chips between all the selected options. In all, each game of craps consists of two stages, viz: Come Out Roll and Point Roll. If we talk in more detail about what you can bet on, it is:

    • on the first roll the shooter will get a combination of 7 or 11;
    • if 2,3 and 11 are rolled, the shooter loses and the possibility to roll the dice is passed to the next participant;
    • in other cases the Point situation is counted and the second round begins;
    • on the role of a certain number. Depending on the probability, each option is calculated by a certain coefficient. For example, if we are talking about a roll of 11, then such a bet will be paid with a ratio of 15 to 1;
    • field is a bet that will win if a number in the range of 2-4 and 9-12 falls out;
    • field bets (win, lose, come, don’t come, etc.);

    All these options are located directly on the gaming table, and therefore the player will be hard to forget about any details. In any case, he has the opportunity to contact the dealer. Also, the variation of possible options for betting depends on the type of craps game.

    What personnel are involved in the game

    Naturally, the process is not limited to players who decide to try their hand at craps. Globally, the following people take part in the game:

    1. A boxman is a representative of a gambling establishment. He must follow the participants at the table and analyze the course of the game. He should be in the center of the table, so as not to miss every action on the part of the gamblers. In addition, his duties include resolving all kinds of disputes and counting the money. If necessary, he can explain the rules to the participants, or provide brief advice on why they lost in this or that situation.
    2. Two additional dealers. There are dealers on either side of the boxer. They can also count the money, but beyond that, they have the right to place bets instead of the players. Such bets are called Plays, Come and Don’t Come.
    3. Stickman. The fourth representative of the casino is directly involved in the process. His duties include a special stick to move the dice on the gaming table. In principle, if you compare it to the other dealers, he almost does not interact with the players. However, he can be used as a crowd, in every way motivating customers to make the casino maximum bets.
    4. Players. Naturally, it is the main asset of the gameplay in Craps. Depending on the table can make bets up to 24 gamblers. Thus, the dealers have to communicate with quite a large audience, and therefore it is important to keep track of every detail to minimize the likelihood of fraud and cheating. One round of the game, under certain conditions, can take a long time. It all depends on the final number of participants.
    5. Shooter. A player who, at a particular point in time, throws a dice. If he loses, the right to be a shooter is passed to the next participant in the round.

    In general, a player who decides to try his hand at craps does not need to get too hung up on what functions each of the dealers performs. At the very least, it will not affect the final profit and potential. That said, it’s best to determine at once who can make the rules explain if necessary.

    Of course, in online casinos, the process is simplified as much as possible. In some cases, the player interacts exclusively with the site system. However, if he decided to try his hand at a live casino, then there is a real presenter as a dealer.


    What stuff are involved in the game?

    If you decide to play craps real money, you will first need two dice. Sometimes their number can vary from 1 to 6. It all depends on the type of game you and your friends, gambling establishment, or online casino have chosen. The next and most important component is a playing board. It should also have special markings on it, allowing the participants of the game process to start betting. Regarding the dice, it is interesting to note that they are usually changed every 8 hours in quality casinos. In turn, the markup on the table conditionally divides it into several fields. Some variations of the game may require a symmetrical double table, where each side has an identical layout, and the central part is allocated for betting. It is called “Proposition” among gamblers.
    Interestingly, the most simplified versions of the game take place directly between the gamblers without special equipment, using only dice, without any additional attributes. That’s why players like this direction of gambling because it allows them to make bets at any convenient place.

    Do I need to learn all the symbols on the table?

    Naturally, if you want to achieve real success in such a popular game as craps you will need to learn the different combinations, as well as the terminology. Analyzing and memorizing the symbols will allow you to bet correctly and put chips on the gaming table. For example, the table has fields such as come; don’t come, field, pass line, don’t pass line, etc. Moreover, obtaining such knowledge allows the gambler to intuitively analyze their chances of success in different situations on the gaming table. Craps table layout in almost all casinos is identical. However, if we are talking about large gambling sites on the Internet, the games published there may be unique elements about which it is desirable to obtain additional information.

    How to bet?

    In general, we can say that the process of playing craps consists of two main stages, namely: Come Out Roll and Point Roll. Participants of the game table have the opportunity to make a bet at each of the stages. If, as a result of the first stage falls 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the game continues. At the same time, initially, gamblers have an opportunity to bet on a win or lose, that is, on the final situation after the first round. Players roll the dice one at a time, if the combination does not fall, allowing them to perform this action again. At each of the stages, users can bet with a different probability of winning.

    Where to put chips when betting?

    Those people who have no experience in gambling, of course, there are questions about where to put chips on the gaming table in craps, because they are in the casino to replace real money. You exchange your pot just for chips and join a free table where you start interacting with the dealer. When it’s time to make a bet you have to choose to put the selected number of chips on the field with the most appropriate option. If you manage to make a profit, you can exchange the chips for money at the cash desk. In turn, if we are talking about the gameplay in an online casino, then here the process is somewhat different, as all actions are performed virtually, and therefore the funds are transferred to the player’s account automatically.

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