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    How To Play Craps

    How to Play Craps

    Article by : Olha Lammer Mar 29, 2022

    Today, modern gamblers can hardly be surprised by anything, but many still do not know how to play craps in casinos. This is a super fast and incredibly dynamic game that causes an adrenaline rush and makes you experience real-life emotions. Today you can easily learn how to play craps in Vegas or any other city or casino.

    Dice is a great way to relax and have fun, as well as win money. Of course, the game of dice is very interesting and intriguing because the result can only be predicted. There are no strategies or plans in this game, and it all depends on your luck. Many players prefer craps because they are afraid to take responsibility for developing a game strategy, but here everything is just perfect. You just need to rely on fate.

    History and Development of the Game Craps

    It is known that back in ancient times, people knew how to play craps dice, which is why this game has survived to this day. The history of craps dates back to the era of Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt, where evidence was found that even then, people played dice. By the way, a similar game existed in the Arab countries and until the 19th century was called “hazard”.

    Why was the dice game so popular in ancient times? Perhaps because ancient people sincerely believed in higher powers and therefore liked to rely on the will of the gods, gambling just perfectly emphasized this aspect of the life of ancient people and their beliefs. As we can see, gambling has attracted people since ancient times. Dice are often associated with something mystical, a little strange, and mysterious. They seem to be the determinants of fate. They seem to have some kind of higher power that shows you the way. It is not surprising that in the old days, people used dice not only for playing but also for fortune-telling.

    It is believed that in its modern form, craps originated in the United States. Its creators were African American slaves who lived in New Orleans. Since then, craps has become one of the favorite gambling games of Americans. It was the most accessible game in which all segments of the population could take part. It is not surprising that it was created among the lower social classes because it did not require luxury or special conditions. Perhaps it was its simplicity that won the hearts of people, and therefore the game of dice is so deeply rooted in our society that we no longer imagine a casino without playing craps.

    Since the casinos used to be practically unregulated, they often used the game of dice for fraudulent purposes in order to enrich themselves, so in 1907 John Wynn introduced new rules that ensured more fair play. Since then, craps is still very popular in gambling establishments, and many gamblers are trying to learn how to play craps at the casino.

    Key Gameplay Features of Craps

    Craps is a fairly common gambling game that attracts a lot of attention from gamblers because it is quite simple and very intriguing. Many are its fans and actively follow the results of the game and take part in it not only offline but also online.

    This game is great for informal situations, it does not require any special equipment, so it can be played at home. Many even want to learn how to play street craps, because in many countries of the world this is a very popular activity. Let’s learn about the features of this game and its rules in more detail.

    The Objective of the Game

    For those who are interested in how to play craps for beginners, it will be relevant and useful to learn about the main goal of playing craps. So, the essence of the game is that players place bets on the outcome of dice rolls. The throw can be one or more, and the task of the players is to determine what the result will be. Since everything here depends on chance, there are no strategies in this game.

    How To Play Craps For Beginners

    Craps is really a very gambling game that causes wild interest, and it can be extremely difficult to break away from it. Craps is exactly the game that will help you develop your intuition because the moment the dice rolls are the most powerful intrigue because you do not know what the result will be. This game differs significantly from sports betting or typical casino games because in betting, there are specialists who predict accurate results, and in craps, you can only rely on yourself and your luck.

    Basic Rules for Playing Craps

    Very often, craps how to play question arises for beginners who are just starting their acquaintance with this amazing and very exciting game. In fact, the rules are very simple. The game involves six-sided dice. The task of the players is to predict the outcome of the roll of the dice. An important condition: the marking of the cubes must be correct and uniform. Otherwise, it may be considered fraud. There are several styles of play, depending on which the process will involve from one to five dice. The game of craps can be conditionally divided into two main stages. The first is called the Come Out Roll, that is, it is the first roll, and the second stage is called the Point Roll, that is, the roll after the number is established. The shooter must roll the dice so that the total points rolled to indicate the further course of the game.

    Betting in Craps and Craps Strategy

    Craps is a great betting game that has a very wide range of betting options. Dice is a very unpredictable element in betting because there is no single clear strategy that would help the player determine what the outcome of the roll of dice will be. Most players hope for good luck and fortune, but many believe that it is still possible to develop an effective strategy thanks to the theory of probability and mathematical calculations.

    Others believe that everything depends on the coincidence of circumstances and that craps are a game in which you just have to enjoy the process without getting hung up on the result because unpredictability can quickly disappoint the player, and in any game, the process of enjoyment is important. Many fans are looking for ways to play craps at home to just relax and exercise their intuition.

    Different Craps Betting Variants

    If you want to know how to play craps for dummies, then you first need to learn all the features of the game of craps in order to understand all its aspects well and be able to distinguish between types of bets. So, there are about 40 different craps bets, but the most common are the following:

    Photo of a Betting Variant Name of Bet Definition
    Craps Bet Options Pass Line Pass Line This bet provides for an automatic win or loss option, depending on which combination is drawn. For example, 7 and 11 always win, while 2, 3, and 12 are always losses.
    Craps Come Bet Come Bet This is a variation of the previous bet, but if a number not mentioned in the Pass Line comes up during the roll of the dice, then the bet goes to that number. Further, if you roll this number up to 7, you will become a winner, and if not, you will lose.
    Craps Bet Options Don`t Pass Line Don’t Pass Line This is the opposition of the Pass Line bet, in which the results of 2 and 3 are winners, and 7 and 11, on the contrary, are losers.
    Craps Don`t Come Bet Don’t Come Bet This bet is similar to the previous one because 2 and 3 also become winners, while 7 and 11 lose. If the shooter rolls a 7 before the number, you win. If the shooter rolls a number up to 7, you lose.
    Craps Place Bets Place Bets This bet allows you to bet on individual numbers during the round. If your number rolls up to 7, then you win. Players are allowed to reduce, increase or remove bets.
    Craps Field Bet Field Bet The bet provided for a series of numbers. If the result is 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12, then you win, and if any other, then you lose.

    Craps Table Rules

    Many players want to learn how to play craps table because the online game seems to be not so difficult and stressful at all; however, the rules for playing craps at the table are as simple as for playing online. It’s very simple, and the player must bet on the outcome of the roll of the dice. At the same time, it is very important that the dice be of the correct shape and have the necessary markings. Whether you’re at the table or not, everyone wants to know how to play craps and win. This is a really difficult question because the dice are very unpredictable. Their result can hardly be predicted, so you can only rely on luck.

    The Difference Between Online and Offline Craps

    Do you want to know where and how to play casino craps? In fact, many gamblers believe that playing craps is best in an online casino as it is much more practical and convenient, but many do not agree with this opinion and believe that craps are a game in which you need to feel the real atmosphere and immerse yourself in head and gameplay. Both are right in their own way, but where is the truth? The advantage of an online casino for craps is that you can play online against a real opponent. This is a very exciting and interesting experience.

    There are also special casinos where you will play against the computer. For many, this option does not suit because there are no special impressions from such a game because even if you win, you want to see that someone noticed and appreciated it. Many craps fans believe that this game is definitely not for the online format because it is much more interesting to watch how real dice fall out and see genuine human emotions. Asking how to play craps at the casino offline, you just need to imagine the atmosphere of excitement and feel the tense expectation that is in the air at the moment when the dice give out their results.


    Having analyzed enough information about the game of craps, we can say that this game has been one of the most popular since ancient times because our ancestors threw dice to try their luck. Today, craps also exist in an online format, which is very convenient and allows fans to play directly from their device. This is a great way to enjoy the gaming process if you do not have the opportunity to visit an offline institution.

    In addition, craps is a great option for playing with close friends. This can be a way to have fun at home, as you basically don’t need anything else but dice. Despite the perhaps a little primitive process, this game still cannot be called boring because, in the process, you plunge into the world of the most vivid experiences and emotions that allow you to feel real excitement, delight, enthusiasm, and sincerity joy.

    Years go by, and dice still remain relevant. The game of craps appears in most leading casinos, which means that despite its simplicity, it still has its devoted audience, which is ready to plunge into the world of excitement and get a stormy emotional splash. There is no doubt that the popularity of craps will only grow, and the number of online casinos that offer the service of such a game will scale and expand. We are confident that the dice trend will hold firm and will not sink into oblivion because this is exactly what all modern gambling began with. It was dice that gave impetus to the development of the gambling industry.

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