How to Win at Craps?

How To Win At Craps
Article by : Max Bet May 28, 2022

The main objective for any player is to make a profit. Tossing dice is available in absolutely any land-based gambling establishment, as well as in the sections of the sites of major online casinos. Accordingly, there are often questions about how always to win everything in this game. Many users focus on the following points:

  • control of the level of excitement;
  • adequate allocation of the bank;
  • use of progressive strategies that increase the chance of profit;
  • selection of optimal types of bets.

Naturally, the fulfillment of these conditions does not guarantee the player the jackpot, but it increases his chances. As a rule, only with time the user can fully understand all the nuances of betting and choose the best way to win.

Use the Best Bets

Despite the simplicity of the game, participants are offered many options for betting. Thus, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the odds, as well as the probability of falling out and choosing for yourself the best options. Also, it is advisable to analyze different strategies to choose the most suitable.

Don’t Use Risky Bets

By risky we can mean betting with a va banque. After all, if the gambler has chosen the most appropriate option and is confident in its passage, it is still possible to lose. And with this option, he will lose all the money without the possibility of winning it back.

Use Bets Based on Budget

It is important to understand what kind of budget a player has, and therefore what actions he can take under certain conditions. Naturally, if a player has the bank for one bet, it does not make sense to choose the riskiest option. Preferable would be betting on an equivalent event, which allows increasing the initial amount by two times. In turn, having an impressive game bank casino customer gets more opportunities. But in any case, it is important to understand what actions will be relevant under certain conditions.

Be Patient

It is important to understand that it is impossible to win every time. Therefore, it is necessary to remain calm, even if there was a series of unsuccessful bets. Perhaps, the player just needs to take a break and analyze his actions to increase the chances in the future. Accidental and ill-considered actions can lead to even more unfortunate consequences.

Set Win and Loss Limits

Most players lose because they do not know how to control their emotions and the level of excitement. Therefore, in order to level out this problem, it is necessary to clearly define for yourself the amount allocated to one playing session. If it is a conventional 100 USD, it is better to go even further and spend no more than 5-10% of the bank on one bet. Thus, the gambler can stay “afloat” longer, thereby increasing his chances of success.

Use Dice Setting and Dice Control

The presented strategies are considered to be the most progressive when it comes to play Craps for real money. Their peculiarity is as follows:

  1. Dice Setting. Players determine their dice setting before they are tossed. Statistically, if you do this with 6-6, 4-3, 3-3, 2-2, 4-4, the probability of rolling a “7” is minimal.
  2. Dice Control. This strategy is based on controlling the strength of the roll. Many experienced gamblers claim that in this way you can learn to roll the same numbers on the dice.

Naturally, the implementation of these strategies requires players to regularly train and analyze.

An Example of a Winning Strategy

The above options are not a bad solution for gamblers who have decided to try their hand at Craps. However, you can also use a more familiar strategy, such as the so-called Dalamber strategy. Outwardly it is similar to the classical Martingale, but in this case, after each roll, you need to increase the size of your bet until there is a win. Thus, it minimizes the risk of losing everything and is guaranteed to make a profit. The exception is a series of more than 10 unsuccessful bets in a row.


Can you always win at Craps?

Making money all the time on a dice roll is almost impossible. After all, as in all gambling, the player’s ultimate success depends on luck. If the gambler wants to maximize the probability of winning, you need to control your excitement, as well as use different strategies for gambling.

Tips for Winning at Craps

Naturally, every casino customer wants to win every time. To bring these desires to the life you need to learn to control your own emotions and correctly distribute the game bank. If you do not want to lose all the money in a few actions, then you can not bet va-bank. Also, users should take into account that now customers of gambling establishments are available for many variations of the game of craps. That is, it is important to read the rules of each game to understand which is the best.

What are the best bets to win?

Craps is the clearest game, but in spite of this, gamers have the opportunity to make a huge number of bets in it. The best option is to bet on equal events. It is around them formed the largest number of progressive strategies that allow you to count on the profit.

Is there a 100% winning strategy?

No, such popular gambling strategies as Dice Control and Dice Setting significantly increase the player’s chances of at least keeping his bank afloat, but do not guarantee a stable profit. In addition, it is worth taking seriously the “Fixed Bet” tactic, when a player allocates no more than 5-10% of the pot for each bet.

Do I need to be good at throwing dice to win?

Many experienced gamblers argue that how a player will beat craps determines their chance of making a profit. For example, there is an opinion that if you roll the dice with the initial position in the form of a “V” and the number “3” on the outside, then the probability of falling out the number “7”, eventually, is reduced to a minimum. Also, the more often the player rolls the dice, the more he will intuitively understand the speed and spin needed to roll the right combination.

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