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Are you ready to embark on the super amazing online craps real money adventure within just a few minutes after reading this post? Below, we have a list of thoroughly selected online casinos that offer craps and other popular games. If you’re still vaguely familiar with craps, you don’t have to play the game for real money at once.

Try it out for fun, look around, amp up your skills, test-drive the new gambling facility, and once you’re absolutely sure, feel free to join it and make the most of what it offers. However, you should know that if you choose to play at one of the real money gambling sites provided by our experts, you will access the best craps-friendly live casinos on the market.

At SlotsUp, we assist you in carving your way to a new, safe, fair, and successful gaming experience. Here, you will find plenty of top-level mobile casino apps with a slew of your favorite gambling games, excellent customer support, solid licensing, a variety of convenient deposit and withdrawal solutions, and other perks and plum deals to tickle your fancy.

Craps may be an unusual game for beginners. So we made a guide for a quick start on playing craps.

Best Craps Real Money Casinos

Introduction to a Real Money Craps

Playing craps online is what a lot of people around the world adore. If you’re new to a craps casino game and haven’t had the chance to savor its pros yet, you’re welcome to make the best of the craps world at SlotsUp. Of course, this game may seem complex and not so easy for the first time.

However, once you get to grips with its basics, you won’t have any difficulties playing it. Planning to become a craps expert? Read the info below and play craps online at one of the real money casino websites we recommend. is all about fair and secure craps online real money gambling.

Historical Facts

The history of craps is vibrant and full of dynamics. Craps first became known as ‘Hazard’ in the 1700s. ‘Hazard’ is Arabic for ‘dice.’ Thіs craps-like game was even mentioned in ‘The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. In the 1700s, after having rooted in Europe, Hazard became known in Acadia, a French colony in Canada.

In the 18th century, the craps game became known as ‘crebs.’ Throughout the 19th century, the popularity of craps skyrocketed in the US. Some variations of the game appeared back then. In 1907, John H. Winn – also known as the Father of Contemporary Craps – enhanced the game.

These days, some of the best craps casinos of today offer this game featuring the rules updated by John H. Winn over a hundred years ago. Today, you can play online craps at almost every land-based or Internet gambling venue. Craps is growing by leaps and bounds daily, inspiring us to update our craps casino selection constantly.

At SlotsUp, you can create your own craps history. Whether it’ll be a history of success or failure depends largely on your choices. No more Googling online craps real money no download for you. Just scroll up and choose the gambling establishment that resonates with your needs, and you’re ready to play!

Main Terms and Phrases

If you’ve just started playing craps games online, you may have come across many new words and phrases. We’ll let you in on the meaning of a few of them. If you’re really serious about craps games and intend to continue playing, promise us that you will also look up other terms.

Let’s start with the term ‘shooter.’ It stands for a craps-enthusiast who throws the dice. Now, let’s look at the meaning of ‘cold dice’ or ‘cold table.’ They usually mention this term when nobody wins at the real online craps table. Similarly, ‘hot table’ means a table where people win big time.

The ‘come out roll’ phrase also stands for the registration that starts the round. Don’t forget that even though your casino craps online theory is essential, it’s a frequent practice that will lead you to success. So once you’re done studying the glossaries, you’re welcome to take advantage of what SlotsUp offers in the craps action.

Betting Strategies For Real Money Craps

Craps is a fascinating game that involves dice and a table. When you play craps for real money, you are to bet on the result of the roll of two dice. It sounds pretty simple, but the devil is in the details. Before playing craps online for real money, you may get discouraged by the crowded, make-you-see-double table design and the types of bets you can place. Still, this devil is not as black as he is painted. Remember: craps games online are not as challenging as they look when you first play them. As for the types of bets, we’ll elaborate on them below.

Pass Line Bet

Pass Line Bet is among the so-called line bets within the craps game. They are referred to as ‘line bets’ because they are associated with an extensive line zone where players can place their chips. When playing craps for real money or fun, you will always have to make either a Pass Line or a Don’t Pass Line bet before your first roll.

There are online gambling venues where punters have no option but to go for one of these two wager types – if they’re planning to make different types of bets later. Pass Line is the most critical bet variation in the game of craps. This type of wager is the easiest and most common among online casino craps games fans.

Most people who know the ropes about gambling craps can just opt for this fundamental type of bet and use it throughout the entire game session, and their chances of winning will be pretty high in this case. The idea is simple: you wager that the shooter will roll a 7 or 11 on their initial roll to win. The punter loses the wager if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets, prop bets, or center bets, are also often called single roll bets. A single roll bet is a bet that is decided from a single dice roll. Compared to the line bets, proposition bets come with higher payouts. They’re often called ‘sucker bets’ in online craps games.

However, many real money craps experts will recommend that you steer clear of single roll bets. Wondering why? It’s simple: high house edge leaves you with scant chances of winning. In other words, prep bets and best odds playing craps hardly ever go hand in hand. Therefore, in most cases, proposition bets are too risky to stick with.

Don’t Pass Line Bet

A Don’t Pass wager type is the antipode of the Pass Line Bet. Like the Pass Line wager, the Don’t Pass Line bet is also made before a come-out roll. However, the Don’t Pass Line bet loses when the value of the come-out registration is 7 or 11 and wins when it’s 2 or 3. The bet is neither won nor lost if the come-out roll value is 12.

Remember that learning the real online craps gambling basics is very important. However, if you choose the wrong facility to play casino games craps right from the very start, you will eventually fail to succeed. So, keep reading if you want more details on the game and some tips on finding the best online craps facilities on the scene.

Playing Real Money Craps Gambling Tips

Craps is among the most interactive and enjoyable casino games out there. We’ve already mentioned that this game is not the most complex thing globally. If you’ve studied and practiced the basics of online gambling craps, including the main types of wagers, you may be one dice throw away from a delish jackpot. To get closer to some significant winnings, make sure you examine some of the best online craps casino recommendations from our pros.

Learn The Basics

Remember that craps are a luck-based game: today you may win, tomorrow you may lose. The truth is that nobody will teach you super effective craps strategies that will provide the edge against the house. However, if you place good bets when playing craps games for real money, your chances of winning big will only increase regularly.

One important thing is left to pinpoint. Haste makes waste – it’s true even when it’s about craps online gambling. Needless to say that before you play craps for real money at your casino, you should be well aware of the rules of the game, along with the main wager variations. To bolster your gaming experience, play craps online in Canada via SlotsUp.

It’s Not Wise to Buy Too Many Chips

Planning to engage in casino craps online real money for a couple of hours? Then avoid buying all your chips in one significant go. Make a decision regarding how much you intend to spend, and then purchase a smaller batch of chips once every hour. By following this uncanny online craps casinos strategy, you won’t lose all your game funds in the first instants of the gameplay. SlotsUp is where you will access some of the best craps online tips and first-rate gambling establishments.

Work on Your Concentration

You’ve probably noticed that the game of craps is very fast-paced. Furthermore, when you play craps for real money online, you can have several bets in action on the table simultaneously. That’s what we call an effective concentration booster! In this respect, during your game craps online, you should always keep tabs on all your wagers and remove the bet from the table the moment you decide you want to deactivate it. Forgetting about an active wager often leads to major losses. Remember that the best casinos for craps experiences can always be found at SlotsUp.

Don’t Rush with Increasing Your Bets Quickly

Have we already mentioned that haste is unnecessary when playing the craps casino game for real money? Yes, it is so. Don’t let the mesmerizing craps action hypnotize you because you may lose all your money in the blink of an eye. If there comes a moment when you feel you need to take a break, do it without hesitation.

Make a pause and reassess your financial state of affairs before proceeding. Don’t let occasional losses discourage you. Now that you’ve found SlotsUp, you’ve discovered the best playground for your online casino craps, real money entertainment. The rest is up to you. Be patient, Be persistent. Be strong. And eventually, you’ll become very good at craps.

Tips On Finding Secure Real Money Craps Casinos

Playing craps is a thrilling experience, especially if you’re staying with a reliable online gambling facility. If you want to approach the search for the best online craps casino without additional assistance, you will need the criteria to rely on. Below, we will let you know the main parameters our online gambling experts pick for our extensive craps game casino collection. Always examine all the ins and outs of the online gambling venue you decide on before plunging into the anticipated-yet-risky craps casino game real money ocean.

Trustworthy Software

Always make sure you play online craps for real money at an Internet casino that offers top-quality gaming software and an impressive selection of games. Look behind their ads and vibrant promotional offers, research their gaming software providers, and look up their background and achievements. If you find such recognized brands as Microgaming, Playtech, or NetEnt among their software providers, consider yourself lucky.

At SlotsUp, we invariably consider this crucial criterion when selecting top-of-the-line casinos that offer craps online for real money entertainment to their clients. We are interested in providing you with fascinating, fair, and secure online casino craps gambling practices because our reputation largely depends on your satisfaction. A stellar reputation is not easy to earn. Therefore, it is always highly appreciated.

Broad Selection of Payment Methods

The possibility to make quick and protected deposits and risk-free withdrawals is something that every online casino player needs. When evaluating craps play online gambling venues before including them on our list, we always check if each of them offers a worthy database of payment solutions. No doubt, we won’t promise you absolute perfection regarding the available payment methods – simply because it doesn’t exist. We guarantee that via SlotsUp, you will access casino websites featuring a metric ton of some of the most sought-after banking methods.

Withdrawal Policy

Everyone who likes to play craps online for real money and wins occasionally wants to have their winnings withdrawn as fast as possible. So if you’re currently seeking the worthiest venue to play online casino craps for money, check with their customer support managers regarding their withdrawal policy. As for casino websites published in this post, we’ve selected the ones with the shortest withdrawal time limits. You can trust our online gambling experts, for there are many years of experience behind their belts.

Tasty Bonuses and VIP Gameplay

At SlotsUp, we are aimed at beefing up your online gambling experience. We understand that our readers’ standards are high, so matching up to them is among our main objectives. That’s why another parameter according to which we select online casinos for our innovative database is bonus quality. Yes, you read it right. We want you to enjoy bonus quality as opposed to their quantity. Therefore, we only offer genuinely generous and beneficial craps bonuses deals.

Customer Support

When you play online craps for real money at an online casino, you may come up with various questions or face certain challenging situations that require the assistance of a customer support team. Sticking with a reliable gambling venue offering round-the-clock live customer service is paramount. Never play craps or any other type of game at online casinos without this fundamental feature.

Fairness and Licenses

How much fun you’ll have playing craps in real money casinos in the USA is directly proportional to the reputability of the gambling venue you’ll decide to stay with. In turn, a casino’s reputability is primarily determined by its licensing background. In other words, a license from a recognized jurisdiction almost always equals safe and fair online craps gambling practices.

Another topic is worth mentioning in this respect. Have you ever heard of eCOGRA? If you have, you already know what we’re driving at. The more you protect yourself from fraudulent facilities, the better your experience. We’ll happily assist you with everything in our power.

To cut a long story short, always focus on licensed casinos, preferably eCOGRA-approved. And don’t forget to research the online casino craps you fancy, read the reviews, and ensure their license hasn’t been revoked or suspended for unlawful use. Remember that at SlotsUp, we’re ready to back up your every initiative.

Best Casinos In Craps Real Money Play

We’ve scoured the Internet for some of the most acknowledged online gambling facilities that offer top-quality craps casino games and possibilities. Below, we will cover these venues’ perks, singling out why their online real money craps game benefits are so unique. Read on, choose the casino that catches your eye, and have a blast during your craps online play via SlotsUp.

When playing online craps games, every roll is rolled in a random number generator, and the result is subsequently audited in a forensic examination. However, you must make sure you sign up at licensed online craps casinos for a low house edge and a fair bet. All the best online casinos we have reviewed have been fully licensed. So, online craps games can still be played just as legally as traditional online casino games.

Rich Casino: Option for US Players

This solid online gambling establishment has been on the market for nearly 20 years. Countless players from across the globe have the time of their life at Rich Casino, playing their favorite game, craps, and enjoying their unparalleled service. What’s excellent about Rich Casino is that it offers online games from top-level providers, guarantees maximum safety, and showers its players with some excellent bonuses.

It’s the best online casino for craps that allow players from the US. It’s easily accessible from any mobile device. Just type their web address into your mobile browser, log in, and play live craps online for fun or real money. Indeed, without some experience and tenacity, you won’t be able to get rich by playing at Rich Casino. But chances are high that if you work hard on your winnings for some time, you will get as close to getting rich as possible. Highly recommended.

Karamba Casino: Option for Canadian Players

It may not be the most famous brand globally, but Karamba Casino is a great place where you will play craps online for money without worrying about your safety. This online craps casino has been around for over 15 years already. Alongside its fantastic choice of online casino craps games, Karamba Casino will please you with many deposit and withdrawal methods.

In addition, Karamba Casino boasts two licenses from excellent jurisdictions: Malta and the UK. When it comes to their customer service, it’s one-of-a-kind as well. Their motto in this respect is CARE, which stands for Customer Are Really Everything. What’s especially valuable is that they do practice what they preach.

Golden Lion: Option for Australian Players

Licensed by Curacao and featuring online gambling software provided by Vivo Gaming, BetSoft, and Rival, Golden Lion is a great casino to play online craps in Canada. Nearly 200 games are generously provided by this online casino, contributing to its stellar reputation.

Their customer service is available 24/7 via live chat and email. Golden Lion is a relatively new live online craps facility, and it still doesn’t seem to have a VIP club of any kind. Nevertheless, it’s among the most fascinating online gambling sites to play live online craps.

Betway Casino: Option for UK Players

There are over 500 games, fast payouts, reputable licensing, eCOGRA approval, and straightforward banking. These and many other fabulous perks make Betway Casino stand out among all the rest online craps game options for players from the UK.

Betway Casino runs exceptionally smoothly on all sorts of mobile gadgets. So whenever you’re up for playing craps online for real money while you’re away from your PC, Betway Casino is the perfect option. Sure, this gambling establishment isn’t ideal, just like anything else in this world. But it’s perfect enough for everyone who enjoys some craps casino fun once in a while.

Ruby Fortune: Option for New Zealand Players

Safe. Honest. Reliable. Entertaining. That’s how Ruby Fortune’s loyal players describe this online casino. It’s often referred to as the best craps online casino for gambling fans in New Zealand. You will love their bountiful game portfolio and the fact that the software providers they work with are reputable and recognized. Their website offers many popular payment solutions and excellent customer service. So if you’re searching for a grand craps casino online, Ruby Fortune is just the ticket.

Real Money Craps Online Casino FAQ

What is the maximum bet at real money craps casinos?

In most cases, the maximum bet at craps casinos varies from one facility to another. Always research this topic before starting your live craps online adventure.

What is the shortest withdrawal time available?

The shortest withdrawal time depends on the craps casinos you’ve chosen to sign up to and the banking methods they provide. If you’re looking for real money online casino craps that offer the shortest withdrawal time possible, SlotsUp will lead you to it.

How can I choose the best craps real money strategy?

Because the game of craps relies on luck in many ways, you don’t have to lose your head over the best choice strategy. Just make sure you know craps online game rules inside out and maintain a laser-like focus on the gameplay. Some of the gambling game craps tips have been provided above.

What are the best bonuses at craps real money casinos?

The answer to this question comes with many individual approaches. What you should focus on the most is the reliability of the casino and the quality of games it provides. When it comes to bonuses, just leave this to SlotsUp. We’ve already picked casino websites that offer craps online in Canada and the juiciest bonuses out there.

What real money craps casino has the biggest wins?

Our experts have published online casinos with the biggest wins. Don’t take our word for it. Feel free to browse through them, join the one you like, play online craps for real money, and see for yourself.

Is there any chance my real money craps play would be rigged?

No. We update our selection of casino craps game-packed online casinos regularly. We’ve tested them before, and we get back to the selection once in a while to add more venues and reassess the quality of the time-tested ones.

How can I protect my winnings at a real money craps casino?

If you want to protect your winnings while playing craps online casino game titles, choose the most reliable casino. That way, you will definitely prevent some potential financial losses. No need to Google craps games online for real money any longer. In this post, you’ve already found what you need.

Is there a point in trying out different real money craps strategies?

It depends on your individual preferences and experience. Why not if you’ve tried out various strategies and found them effective? You can even use probability to calculate the odds in craps. Make sure you’ve tested out the play craps casino game for fun before switching to the real money mode.

What payment method would best suit craps real money play?

Again, it depends on your choices. If depositing with PayPal brings you maximum convenience, then it’s something you should stick with – you get the idea. Feel free to play craps online with real money via SlotsUp – the choice of payment methods is nice here.

Can I try different real money craps casinos?

Sure, you can play real money online craps at various online gambling facilities, from various devices at home and on the go. We’re the kind of play craps online casino review platform where you’re granted absolute freedom of choice.

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